meanwhile in Franconia … it’s my 27th wedding anniversary today

On july 21 in 1988 I married Mr Weber. The pic above was taken before we entered the registry office. In thought bubbles above our heads you might imagine anything from “where am I?”, “what am I doing here?”, “who is this?” to “have I gone mad?” 😉
The only people who had been informed of this event beforehand were my grandmother (to prevent her from a stroke) and our two best (wo)men. We had a nice day just fooling around a bit, followed by dinner at our favorite italian restaurant with our best (wo)men and their partners. On the next day we took off to my brother in law’s house in a small village in the Provence for our honeymoon. So, no party. Just us having fun with ourselves 😉
We met on may 27 in 1988, I moved in with him 2 weeks later and on july 9th we decided on a whim that we should get married: the shades of a jewellers shopwindow we were looking at, automatically closed while we were gazing into it and I remember us laughing and saying “Now this is not the shop we’ll buy our rings!” … and then we looked at each other and said “So, where WILL we buy the rings then?” … and that was that.
We have an age gap of pretty exactly 15,5 years which – combined with our “hasty” marriage – led a lot of people to think that a) I might be pregnant and b) this would not last for long.
Sorry folks. Still no kids (despite the furry fourlegged ones) and well, sticking together for 27 years means something I guess … especially if you consider the fact that we spent about three quarters of that time working 24/7 together. Well maybe that drastically limited the possibilities for straying 😉
And for those out there pining for something like that – don’t – it’s not as romantic as it seems in the long run 😉

“When a man opens the car door for his wife,
it’s either a new car or a new wife.”

(Prince Philip)