open letter to Richard Armitage #findyourvoice

this was first published on my tumblr in the middle of june as response to Richard’s guest post on the Cybersmile blog, but since it better fits wordpress I’ve reblogged it here today

Hi Richard,

my first membership in an internet forum dates back to 1998. I actively participated in 3 and as the topic for all of them was “dogs”, discussions were emotional, often heated and got sometimes very personal and insulting. The moment I started my own company in 2005 in the pet-industry, I quit the active involvement. Everyone there knew of my company and I was aware of how everything you say can (and will) be used either for good or bad. I’d learned my lesson HOW draining it can get to explain, explain again and again – and there will always be somebody left, who just won’t agree with you, because that’s just how it is. 😉 I joined Facebook relatively late in 2009 and enjoyed it a lot, but of course it gets old after a while too. Twitter to me – as I joined only last year – is still somewhat new and fascinating, but the general social media patterns are there of course. Because I’m curious about people and “what makes them tick” it is somewhat more interesting than Facebook to me – for now. 😉

From what you wrote in that guest post on the Cybersmile blog you clearly lack all this background & your feeling for social media is still a bit “undeveloped”. But when you started tweeting last year you just bravely jumped right in and it was really fun to watch & to participate. You’ve encouraged fans to interact but it seems that not only some overenthusiastic fans, but YOU can’t “keep it light” – because that is just not the way you are 😉 Everyone with his brain working straight knows, that it is simply not humanly possible to answer or even see the current amount of tweets from over 150k people. The rest will have to learn to accept this fact the hard way. So one needs to develop a bit (really just a tiny bit) of a “to-hell-with-it” attitude and just fav what one wants to fav and have fun along the way. In any event one shouldn’t instantly feel ashamed for not noticing that fan B has posted her similar tweet way earlier than fan A and is now royally pissed off, that one favorited fan A’s. But – as you are obviously not built that way – your inner “people-pleaser” won and this more personal interaction with your fans stopped after half a year – the message was clear in your X-mas wishes “No favorites, I promise”. I found this a little sad – because I had the notion that you’d really enjoyed the beginnings – so was it really your will to please everyone that spoiled the fun in the end?

I can (astrologically) see that you are constantly struggling between “carrying your heart on your tongue” and “not saying/doing something wrong” … in a rather personal letter (containing some astrological musings) to you last December, I wrote, that imho you needed to let go of your “inner handbreak” in your personal life from time to time to better tap into / explore your own depths. This is still my opinion. But as I now have your time of birth (that has out of the blue found its way to me through a fellow karmic traveller from the other side of the world, whom you’d told some time ago) I can see you a bit more clearly now.
You are still on the quest for the perfect balance between your security issues / reason and heart. The only advice I will give here and now, is that to reach your life’s goal, it has to be the way of the heart (easier said than done) and it has a lot to do with developing the will to defend one’s beliefs in one’s work and day-to-day-life and trying to rid oneself of vanity but work for a greater cause -> #findyourvoice 😉

So you’ve started trying to do this now, more “out in the open” through your personal messages than your previous charity support, with your engagement @ Cybersmile. Chapeau. Still a bit vague in parts (as pointed out from others), yes – but the will & heart is there. Don’t stop, but – as I know how addicted one can get to all these tech-gimmicks and the www – try to throw the ipad in a corner once in a while, head out upstate / or wherever you can watch the stars and just listen to the nature around you for a while. I’ve enjoyed a rare completely www-/work-free evening last weekend with friends and good food far out in the country side and that’s something that definitely recharges MY batteries 😉 Maybe you should even consider reading the books I’ve sent to you last year – at least “A wild ride through the night” which one might finish in a couple of hours – there will be things that resonate with you.


I think you are on the right path with this – and I like that personal not-so-perfect touch of your message.
Because no one is perfect.
Because we are all just on a wild ride through the night.
This is your design 😉


PS. if you’re up to draw a wineglass for your smoking Thorin at some point, let me know.

PPS. For anyone curious about this book: it is from the exceptionally talented German author/artist Walter Moers (who, perhaps due to his politically completely incorrect but outrageously funny/witty comic books about Jesus and Adolf Hitler – lives undercover somewhere in northern Germany for over 20 years now). Sadly the English translator missed the point of the last sentence (and so in a way the point of the whole book) and translated it just loosely, when it was meant to be word-by-word. I have corrected this in Richard’s copy, everyone else should just replace the very last sentence “It was broad daylight.” with “And there was light.” A brief description is to be found in wikipedia