Pain is just the first step. Or is it?

With my upcoming Chiron return – although it’s a little delayed due to Chiron retrograding at the moment – I spent quite an amount of musing about his part in relationship astrology. Sadly, my mentor in this field – Dawn Bodrogi – has passed away in November, before finishing her long-awaited book ‘Beyound the Wound’ on Chiron in Synastry.

I remember one of our talks about someones Mars being spot on my Chiron – she said that this was one of the most compelling and also most painful aspects. ‘He will hurt you. I’ll guarantee that.’ And so he did, in a very male/martian way. In the aftermath, I don’t know what made me so calm about it. Was it, because the whole thing felt like a part of my rebirth / healing process? She also said, that the Chiron person is usually the one, that is ‘spirtually more evolved’ and capable of going the extra mile, although there is no guarantee that it’ll pay off in the long run.

As I’m about to change a lot of things in my life at the moment, I thought of engaging more in astrology again, because the subject never failed to fascinate me over the last 34 years. Which says a lot about someone with Virgo rising, a Gemini Moon and Mercury / Sun in Aquarius, I guess 😉

So, for my own Chiron studies, I’d like to invite everyone to share their hurtful/healing relationship experiences with me. Chiron’s hurts are the one of the soul, not physical. If you want to participate, just send me your birth dates (date, time, place) and the one of the person you suspect you’re having (or had) a ‘chironic’ relationship with. I’ll check if Chiron is indeed involved and get back to you – either with a short explanation if your problems aren’t/weren’t caused by Chiron, or – if Chiron is involved in a significant way – further questions about how it all played out for you.
Also I’m interested in your personal Chiron-return storys. Chiron (in transit) returns to the place he is in your birthchart at a given point between age 49 – 51. Around ten years later followed by the more commonly known 2nd Saturn return which is also a pretty challenging time for most people.

My theory about the connection between these two major transits at the moment is: if you handled the Chiron return wisely and came to terms with your ‘inner wound’ – the 2nd Saturn return will find you prepared. If not … and this is just a shot in the dark at this point from my personal view – it might be a time, when both themes will show up on your doorstep. Your Chiron’s placement indicates where your soul is wounded and vulnerable – while Saturn represents your (karmic) fears.

Without pain, we’d never know what happiness feels like – and sometimes we just need to overcome our fears and be brave enough for the first step out of our comfort zone. It can hurt, but there is so much to be gained.


and now for something completely different: why are Clooney & Dujardin such fast friends?

While I was searching for trailers for my favorite french movies post on july 14, I encountered something I hadn’t noticed before: obviously french actor Jean Dujardin (who won an Oscar for “The Artist”) and George Clooney had somehow become fast friends. Despite Jean’s still pretty non-existent english skills 😉

Check out the hilarious Nespresso Spot featuring Clooney & Dujardin

And a very nice “behind the scenes” video with an interview – mostly with Jean talking french, he isn’t only good looking but has a VERY nice voice too 😉 Clooney about how they met at the Oscars: “Jean was a breath of fresh air at the academy” and Dujardin complimenting Clooney: “En fait si vous regardez dans le dictionnaire, si vous recherchez ‘classe’ … ‘la classe / l’elégance’ vous trouvais ‘George Clooney'” (“Actually if you pick up the dictionary and search for ‘class’ & ‘elegance’ you’ll find ‘George Clooney'”)

So I went and peeked in the stars a bit, to find an explanation for this interesting “intercultural” friendship.
The birth time from both actors is disclosed and has an AA rating on, which stands for “accurate data recorded by family or the state”.

So – when you compare their natal charts it looks like this:
and they DO have some lovely aspects together:
Clooney’s Sun conjunct Dujardin’s Anti-Vertex – which indicates an instant friendship, also Clooney’s Moon conjunct Dujardin’s North Node – a VERY binding, emotional and supportive aspect and both their Moons trine each other – this really are two souls in harmony 🙂

What knocked me sideways was the final look at their Davison chart (a Davison is a chart for a relationship between two persons, which is created on the basis of a midpoint in time and space of their respective birth dates – this is the chart for the relationship itself, so to speak)
This looks like an open envelope – in most cases when this pattern appears in a chart it looks like a closed letter – but this one really is open, so the enourmous energys of these two together can literally get out and do good for both of their careers (as the cusp hits the MC aka the public status).
And there is a Sun-Venus conjunction trining Jupiter – this is one of the best aspects to have – it just means there is “lots of love” between them. Not sex, just love, pure and simple. This really seems to be a meeting of kindred spirits 🙂