Am I wasting my time for a cold genius?

Staring into the unknown for the better part of last night due to the Muse’s “Airport-Gate” filled my head with Nomi.

What power art thou?
Who from below
Hast made me rise?
Unwillingly and slow
From beds of everlasting snow!

See’st thou not how stiff
And wondrous old?
Far unfit to bear the bitter cold…

I can scarcely move
Or draw my breath
I can scarcely move
Or draw my breath

Let me, let me
Let me, let me
Freeze again…

Let me, let me
Freeze again to death!

(Aria of the Cold Genius from Henry Purcell’s 17th century opera “King Arthur”)

Just when I thought the selfproclaimed “moody actor” had been stepping down his foot like “You don’t own me” … he’d backpaddled into humble numbness that reminded me of Purcell’s aria of the ‘Cold Genius’. So, am I “Wasting my Time” ? … please, Lieblings-Muse, I feel for you. I can even understand your motives but I don’t think this stunt you’re pulling here is a healthy one.

For those who don’t know Nomi (btw “You don’t Nomi” – was one of his favorite wordplays 😉 Klaus Nomi was a gay German pastry-chef and countertenor who moved to NYC in the early 70s and died there as one of the first “famous” victims of AIDS in 1983. I really like that video for “you don’t own me”, in the small episodes where he appears as a pastry-chef on a tv-show, you can see that he was obviously a quite lovely person.
In 2004 Andrew Horn put together a documentary titled “The Nomi Song” – a wonderful hommage to a strange little man full of life, with an enormous voice who died way too early – check it out 🙂

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