Moody Actor’s “Airport-Gate” … Part 2

Sorry. After my mouth literally hung open for about half a minute after reading this: #RichardArmitage is too good for this world via @rashisama1 I now feel the need to swear in german as loud as possible: JA SCHEISS DOCH DIE WAND AN! *sorrydogsandnoIamnotalright* … He is now FOLLOWING THE “He deserves all the hate he gets. I’ve never met a bigger asshole in my entire life.” WOMAN on twitter?? I need a Schnaps – PRONTO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.

Dear Richard, please remove the adjective “moody” from your profile description or change it to “moody, but only while I’m alone and hiding in my closet or recording messages for my cell phone tbh” – thank you so much.

So, if SOMEONE wants to cheer my TOTALLY DEVESTATED self up, he might follow me too on twitter. But since I won’t stoop so low as to insult him in really creative ways and countless tweets, this might not happen.

OK I’m outta here. If anyone needs me, I’ll first join Servetus in banging my head on a hard surface several times and then I’ll be staring into the unknown for a while.

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