Well it DOES say “moody actor” on the tin …

Yesterday Mr A tweeted that he was leaving San Diego and heading to Vancouver.

For those who are not aware of it: a lot of TV series are being shot in Vancouver and so naturally a lot of stars were returning from SDCC on sunday and the airport was crawling with fans.

Also avid RA fan Lindsay showed up and was lucky enough to spot him. It seems that she was the only one recognizing him and she asked him to pose for a foto with her, which he refused. She then “photobombed” a paparazzi shot and put it up on instagram and twitter, complaining that she never had a worse encounter … a professional “autograph hunter” obviously witnessed the whole thing and is now putting up the pics he took of him and arguing with fans on twitter that if a star doesn’t want to encounter fans at the airport, he probably shouldn’t tweet where he’s heading in the first place … sounds like a legit argument to me 😉


But of course this whole thing is a bit ridiculous. No one should make such a fuzz about an actor who’s not agreeing to having his pic taken with you. File it under your personal “bad luck day” of the year, Lindsay.

But the interesting thing is, that this is – to me – the first time, “the moody actor” actually reared his head somewhat publicly. Only yesterday I’d thought it really a bit preposterous of Mr “Peoplepleaser”, to put this label on his twitter “tin” … but as it seems, fangirls & boys, it’s no urban legend – moody Armitage actually exists 😉

Sadly, there was a need for a —> Part 2 on july 15