Bingewatching … Doctor Who

When it comes to Doctor Who I’m very much like Sheldon Cooper:
Source: ShitSheldonCooperSays on tumblr 😉

Despite being a cult series since the 60s in England (and in fact the longest running sci-fi show of all times), the Doctor was really practically unknown in Germany until the early 90s, when I saw my “first Doctor” – which by then already was in fact the 7th: Sylvester McCoy. It was love at first sight 😉 Sylvester still has a special place in my heart and I was very happy to see him again in “The Hobbit” as Radagast. I really just thought about checking his horoscope today: he is a Leo with an Aries Moon (just like my husband), born on august 20, 1943. His ascendant is on my anti-Vertex, Sun opposite Sun, Moon sextile Moon, each’s Moon trining the others Sun, so no further questions, your honor – I really like him 😉
My favorite episode with him was “The Curse of Fenric” … which seemed somehow a bit inspired from Carpenter’s “The Fog” to me: creatures coming out of the sea and some old viking relic … pretty creepy and pretty cool.

Sadly, after him there was only the movie with Paul McGann (which I never saw) and then the Doctor went into a sort of forced hibernation and only came out all shiny and new again about 10 years later. “New Who” launched in England in march 2005. This time the Germans hopped on the train only 3 instead of 30 years later (sigh) but chose a horrible time for broadcasting: sunday afternoon, like this was a mere kids-show (sighsigh). So, probably because of the shitty time it was on German tv they only showed the 1st and 2nd season and then quit again. (AARRGHHH) When they finally chose to catch up and first showed season 5 at the end of 2011 (!) and then finally season 3, 4 and 6 in 2012, I had long gotten all the english DVDs and found a way to watch the latest shows on the BBC iplayer. Meanwhile the Doctor is actually rather popular in Germany too.

Since “New Who” celebrated his 10th this year and I was bingewatching season 8 (and the first ep of season 9) in the last two days (nights), with the new 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi (and enjoyed it very much), I thought it might be time for my personal “best of” episodes from this last 10 years.

Because I really wasn’t following sunday afternoon’s tv schedule back in 2008, I just saw coincidentally that there was a new Doctor AND that this 9th Doctor was Christopher Eccleston – I only had seen him in “Shallow Grave” before, but from that I was convinced that he would make a fantastic Doctor. Loved the brilliant trailer I found on the web (and his northern accent) but of course it was only possible to watch the dubbed version on tv in Germany (sighsighsigh).

My favorite episode with him is the two-parter “The empty child” & “The Doctor Dances” in which he encouters a strange gasmask wearing kid & the hilarious Cpt. Jack Harkness (who later got his own show “Torchwood”) while in London during WW2 – written by Steven Moffat (“Coupling”, “Sherlock”).

At lot of fans were complaining about David Tennant who followed as 10th Doctor after Eccleston (who only did one season) … but in the end almost all were pining after him 😉 He did 3 full seasons and 4 additional “special” episodes. I particularly like “Tooth and Claw” from season 2 (Queen Victoria & Werewolves). And then there was season 3: this whole season was gold. “Martha” was fantastic as the new companion and my favorites from season 3 are the first episode “Smith and Jones” … where Martha has the best reply ever to the Doctor’s iconic “I’m the Doctor” introduction: instead of “Doctor who?”, she just smiles and says “Yeah, me too if I ever pass my exams.”

and then “Daleks in Manhattan” where they created a whole Vaudeville act with this wonderful song:

And of course “Blink” … again written by Steven Moffat and the reason why I’m not comfortable anymore when I see statues somewhere 😉

It’s also in season 3 that the Doctor’s arch enemy the “Master” shows up again (first in the form of Derek Jacobi and then he regenerates into John Simms who turned out to be a very convincing, brilliant minded and total lunatic Master).

Season 4 started with a new companion who had already made a guest appearance in a previous christmas special: Catherine Tate as “Donna”. I only recently got a little pop keychain from a little “Adipose” which are the cutest Who-monsters ever and the secret stars of her very funny first episode “Partner’s in Crime” … don’t trust diet pills which are advertised like “The fat just walks away” – well because it really does 😉

Steven Moffat wrote again one of the creepiest and best episodes “Silence in the library”

And both actors also made an appearance in a really hysterical Red-Nose-Day sketch:

Next, the 11th Doctor: Matt Smith – with a fetish for fez and bowtie. Again, a lot of fans were not so happy with him in the beginning, but despite being the youngest actor ever to play the Doctor, he really nailed it. I could see a lot of the 7th Doctor’s wit and crazy edginess in him and the first episode in which his next companion Amy is introduced was as hilarious as creepy – a classic “Who”. Though “fishfingers with custard” didn’t made my favorite food list 😉

Neil Gaiman wrote a wonderful episode in which the Doctor encounters his Tardis in human form “The Doctor’s Wife”:

In episode 6 of season 7 – the creepiest christmas episode ever: “The Snowmen” with a pretty evil Richard E. Grant the Doctor’s next companion “the impossible girl” Clara Oswald takes over.

I was lucky, that the Doctor-fever had reached Germany in time for the shows 50th anniversary, so I could watch the (undubbed) live broadcast of that special episode in a big local cinema in November 2013.

*Tadaa* the Doctor regenerated again and Clara is clearly not happy with this new one in the beginning. The ways in which the grumpy 12th Doctor is making fun of pretty Clara are hilarious. “Her face is so wide, she needs three mirrors!” But the new episodes are also pretty creepy again – I especially liked “Listen”

And it is just fabulous that they finally did something that sort of happened before in a spoof for Red-Nose-Day in which Rowan Atkinson appears as the Doctor who in the end turns into Joanna “AbFab” Lumley and “rides into the sunset” with the Master 😉

But in season 8 it is revealed, that the mysterious “Missy” is in fact the Master regenerated in female form – and she gives the Doctor a really warm greeting (with tongues):

So I’m eagerly awaiting saturday and the next episode “The Witch’s Familiar” right now 🙂

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