Romancing the Nose.

A lot of men out there are unhappy with their big noses. Honestly, I don’t know why? I’ve always liked guys with aquiline or “hawk” profiles. This really sounds a bit shallow, but a somewhat shorter or *beware* stubby nose is a total no-go for me … there will just be no second glance at his owner #sadbuttrue. And this has nothing to do with the possible connection re the size of other ‘features’ 😉

Remember the 80s movie “Crocodile Dundee” with Paul Hogan? That scene when a guy threatens him with a switchblade and demands his wallet? When he just grins, saying “That’s not a knife…” and pulls out his REALLY REALLY BIG BOWIE KNIFE, “THAT’s a knife!” I think it’s the most memorable scene of the whole movie ->

So, you can see Mr Hogan (who’s got a quite nice nose himself) on the left side of the pic on top of this article, wielding his bowie, while the right side features the man who’s picture was the only thing that made looking at my latin books bearable at school: Julius Caesar. Seriously, all you guys out there with prominent noses (including my dear ‘Muse’ Richard Armitage) – despair not! You’ve got the very thing! THAT’s a nose! Anything else is just fit for breathing or, as Crocodile Dundee would put it “Just kids having fun”.


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