Richard Armitage’s chemistry with … Bloggers & how they support his life’s goal

No one knows if Mr A is really aware of the impressive amount of people blogging almost on a daily basis about him, nor if he ever reads some of the funny, encouraging, serious, oh and not to forget the NSFW-stuff 😉

Not many people are able to openly communicate feelings they have towards, or because of another person in front of – literally – the whole world. To express their support and care for that person’s actions, create artwork inspired through a ‘mere’ virtual connection – which is nevertheless obviously felt very strongly.

It’s already been over half a year now, that I’m seriously musing about WHAT forces are working ‘behind the scenes’ here. Some bloggers might not even feel comfortable if they knew for sure, that Mr A was indeed an avid reader of their blog. So, why are we doing this?

I’ve tried to explain my own involvement in “The Witches of Erebor“. On the quest for a common thread that connects so many to his work & wellbeing, I’ve now asked bloggers if they would like to participate in this 4th part of my astrological “Richard’s chemistry with …” series. As I only know these 5 participants “online” and never exchanged a single actually spoken word with any of them, this whole thing really is a bit of an experiment for all parties. Please feel free to comment as honestly as possible – I’m trying to learn from this too (and I really hope that there will be not too many misspellings or bad grammar due to the german brain working behind all this) 😉

OK off we go! Appearance in alphabetical order:

Richard Armitage & Fedoralady from “the armitage effect”
Fedoralady is a “double”-Libra with her Sun and Ascendant in this airy sign. Her Moon is in the still waters of Scorpio, which run deep.
The most striking aspect here is Richard’s Pluto conjunct her Sun – and as her Sun is in her 12th house this strong, mesmerizing attraction has also a somewhat “otherworldly” quality, as if he has a window into her soul. In fact as her Pluto is “moonstruck” because it is conjunct Richard’s Moon, she is experiencing a sort of double-obession. Pluto aspects to the most important personal planets create quite a lasting impact! So it’s no surprise that the subtitle of her blog is “Exploring the impact of a certain Brit actor”. But impact to and fro – why blog about it? Due to Feodoralady’s Mercury & Venus conjunction in the 1st house communication is an important part of her life. This is emphasized by an harmonious aspect from this to her Jupiter in the 3rd house of media & communication. And this is where Richard comes into the picture: his Vertex is spot on her Jupiter. The Vertex is sometimes called our “Ascendant of the Soul” and when it connects to planets in anothers chart they are really stimulated and this might not go away anytime soon 😉

Richard Armitage & Guylty from “GuyltyPleasure”
Guylty is a Scorpio, with a fiery emotional Leo Moon and an Ascendant in airy Gemini. Both their Suns are connected by a Quintile – which is a very creative and energizing aspect. Her Mars (one of the indicators what type of guy one would go for) forms an harmonious aspect to Richards Pluto – well, lets just say this is some sort of really hot “ooof” aspect 😉 Both their Moons make (in a slightly wider orb, but obviously recognizable) conjunctions to an important point in the others chart: Richard’s to her South Node (which is a strong romantic aspect, that even hints to a karmic past-life-connection) and Guylty’s Moon to his Ascendant. In this case, the Moon person feels so attracted to and safe with the Ascendant person, that expressing her feelings comes really easy. I was curious what aspect might be the cause for her enourmous creative output in the form of all those wonderful little RAPS (Richard Armitage Pocket Shrines). The first glance at her chart told me, that she truly had a “packed” 5th house. This is the place for romance & creativity and on the cusp of this house I found Richard’s Mercury and Moon – so how he expresses his emotional side triggers her imagination and subsequently these exquisite little artisanal masterpieces 😉

Richard Armitage & Jazzbaby1 from “FunkyBlueDandelion”
Jazzbaby1 is an airy Libra , with an earthy Capricorn Moon and an Ascendant in deep Scorpio-nic waters. The intriguing aspect about her for me was, that although she started blogging due to encouragement from other RA-bloggers, her blog was mainly about music at first. As she has a natal Sun conjunct Uranus – personal freedom is highly important for her. One doesn’t like to “float with the current” and follow rules, but his very personal individual path, so she is in her own words blogging “about anything BUT Richard Armitage. Yeah, right.” 😉 As she has her South Node connected to that conjunction in her 12th house (the area of our subconscious) she still needs to develop her past-life-theme in this life to finally realize it in her North Node area – the 6th house: work and every day life. Now her North Node connects with Richard’s Chiron and witnessing HIS struggles in realizing goals, is helping her on her own way in return. She has a similar aspect as Fedoralady: Mercury & Venus in her first house, while her Moon is in her 3rd – so communication is also a strong theme here. A woman’s Mars aspecting a partner’s Moon is a male/female principle reverse thing, that feels rather intriguing. So as Richards Moon and Mercury conjunct her Mars (in her 11th house of hopes & wishes and social groups), his voice and emotional expression are likely to kick her “into gear” to act in this field. 🙂

Richard Armitage & JHolland from “preoccupiedwitharmitage”
JHolland has one of the strongest natal “stelliums” in her chart, that I’ve ever seen: her Sun, Moon, Mars and Neptune are all conjunct in Sagittarius and all of this additionally close the her Ascendant. Like WOW. This is willpower, feelings, dreams and actions as one in a strong fiery sign. This is a person that does not do things by half but wholeheartedly and full throttle. In the “About” section on her blog she states that “when I discover something I… shall we say… enjoy, I immerse myself completely.” She also states that she “has never been in a fandom before”. So why did that change in 2014 from the moment she heard John Thornton shout “Stevens!” ? Richard’s Vertex, his ascendant of the soul, exactly hits this stellium of hers. While her Venus conjuncts his Mars & North Node and her Saturn his South Node – this is karma in action! The “impact” of all of this is like a lightning from outer space and really an earthshattering experience. Her Venus & Saturn oppose each other on the axis between the 3rd (communication) and the 9th (spiritual growth) house. The subtitle of her blog is “in which I indulge myself in my Richard problem” – so by exploring this strange fascination and voicing her feelings on her blog, she really tries to make sense of them and by this enrich her life. 🙂

Richard Armitage & KellyDS from “Nowhere in Particular RA”
KellyDS has an airy Aquarius Sun, a Scorpio Moon and an Ascendant in earthy Virgo. The Ascendant (or cusp of the 1st house) is the point where we begin our journey in this life and as Richard’s Moon and Mercury exactly hit this spot in her chart it’s no wonder that she states on her blog, that – encountering for the first time in “The Hobbit” – she felt like Bilbo, racing through the village and exclaiming “I’m going on an adventure!” when she started blogging. Since her Sun ist spot on Richard’s Mars and North Node in Aquarius it is also no surprise that she “was drawn to the physicality in his acting”. His Saturn on her South Node gives a karmic note to all of this (I’ve experienced this myself 30 years ago, with a person I’m still thinking about from time to time – one look into his eyes and I was a goner back then…). To top all of this: her Vertex is conjunct the cusp of his 7th house of relationships. This aspect simply forces you to start a relationship and to form a somewhat soul-connection to that person. As Aquarius in the 7th house is all about “unusual” partnerships, blogging about somebody one has never met in person and dedicating quite some feelings, time and energy to the process, certainly fits right in 😉

When people feel strongly about another person and they consult an astrologer because of it, their first question usually is “does he/she feels the same about me?”.

A lot of “well wishers” who met Richard “in the flesh” stated that they really felt him tune in to them for a brief moment. Of course he did. All the above mentioned astrological connections are no one-way road. With the personal planets, the Nodes of the Moon and angles like the Ascendant or the Vertex involved, there is a “hey, you intrigue me” spark in each meeting. Those fans wouldn’t be standing there and wanting to meet him in the first place, if they hadn’t one of those aspects.

For Richard it is of course rather impossible to explore any of these feelings further in such situations, but as his Moon (emotional core), North Node (life’s goal) and Mars (action) are connected to Chiron, his “wounded healer” on his MC in a triangular aspect pattern that is called a Yod (aka “The Finger of God”) – interactions with people who are aspecting one of these planets/points are of an emotional healing nature for both parties. (More on his Chiron/MC aspect in “The Witches of Erebor“.) As I see it, it is really vital for him to “feed” on all that love, energy and support not only virtual but by really connecting with people. From what one can read from bloggers or fans who met him especially at the Crucible’s stage door, there might have been some moments of real enlightenment.

As explained in “The Witches of Erebor” transiting Uranus (the “Awakener” that brings sudden changes, shock and all things unexpected) was connecting to his Chiron/MC for the whole run of “The Crucible”. So everyone who has a strong aspect to his Chiron (among all the fan-data I’ve collected so far, there are a lot!) would’ve experienced a sort of awakening during that time and by meeting him there (depending on the nature of the planet involved in their own chart).

As Uranus is also the natural ruler of Aquarius, there was also a special emphasize during this time for Richard on “how must I act to reach my life’s goal” – as it is all about connecting with people and to form relationships, that will somehow support a “greater cause” or have a strong humanitarian aspect (North Node conjunct Mars in Aquarius in his 7th house). This is not coincidentally the same theme as Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” itself has, and I’m going to expand on that in the upcoming essay “The Karmic Cycle of the Crucible” (the link points to a sort of prologue).

I do think, that during times when he’s not able to meet fans for real, he really reads tweets and in some of the blogs to get that (much needed) emotional feedback. His Moon in his 2nd house is the apex planet in his Yod. The 2nd house is about values, talent, resources, possessions and all sorts of pleasure. So the Moon placed here really craves emotional support until he learns to develop own feelings of self-worth (which would be a lifelong mission with the Moon involved in a Yod like this). He literally values the support directed at him as a treasured ‘possession’ and he constantly fears of getting in debt (monetarian as well as emotional). On a lighter note: another aspect of the Moon here is incidentally that one can be a real “foodie” 😉

So while Chiron and his North Node & Mars at the Yod’s base are connected in a harmonious sextile aspect, they are linked to his Moon by two Quincunx’. I’ve described that energy before: this is not a stable connection, it is shifting and constantly re-connecting, so with a Yod like this, one will have, especially during one’s youth, some hard times to discover how one’s emotional needs might align with the profession/public status one wants to achieve (vulnerable Chiron on the MC) one the one hand and relationships of any kind (North Node/Mars in “human condition” Aquarius in the 7th house) on the other.

So all I’m saying is: keep on blogging! It is for a greater cause 🙂

Edit on august 22: Part 2 is up here!


Richard Armitage’s chemistry with … The Witches of Erebor

While I was astrologically occupying myself with Richard Armitage I virtually met two fellow stargazers & Tolkienites some time ago: RAmused from Nevada & Rozanna B aka AstroSparkles from Sydney.

Both ladies – RAmused just freshly returned from a visit to Salem (!) – were now immediately interested in participating in this next part of the “Richard’s chemistry with …” series, but as we all wouldn’t consider ourselves as “fans”, part of the “army” and certainly don’t qualify as “longterm-RA-bloggers” either, I had suddenly a mental picture of 3 witches – from Macbeth as well as Eastwick … lol. As the average linear distance between each of us is 12.630 kilometers, when we form a “circle” we’ll be taking the Globe [sic!] as our “kettle” 😉

Richard has one particularly intriguing aspect in his natal chart: his Chiron is conjunct his Midheaven (MC). Ouch! might the more astrologically experienced reader think. You are right. THIS is an explanation for his rather slow developing career – in fact I’ve found an expression for this on a swiss astrology site that compared it with the Myth of Sisyphus. Richard’s quote “It’s a big mountain to climb.” … now rings some bells, doesn’t it? The funny thing is, that all three of us “witches” are aspecting his “wounded healer” (as Chiron is also called) on the cusp of his house of career and public status: with a Sun in Aries (RAmused), an Aries Ascendant (Rozanna) and my 8th-house-warrior-Mars-in-Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac – he is “The Beginner”, “The Fighter”, impulsive and outgoing. While Chiron there would love to be like that, he constantly fears what may come of it. So Richard’s sore spot, is luring us in, to provide healing powers and this really feels quite alluring and also like a sort of a vice versa experience. According to astrologer Dawn Bodrogi “The initial vibe with Chiron contacts is deliverance: this person appeared in my life specifically to take me where I need to go.” and this goes both ways.


So hear the “weird sister’s foretelling”, ‘King under the Mountain’ …
cue *crazycackling*:
A person with Chiron on the MC might eventually – after trying long and hard – rise to the “top”, but easily loose everything again or will have to recognize that some things he wants to achieve will perpetually elude him. (There are three rather prominent examples out there with Chiron conjunct the MC: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and George W. Bush …) To heal one’s Chiron wound in this specific place, one needs to realise that perfection isn’t everything. This is a painful process and much more so for someone with a natal ‘perfectionist’ Virgo Moon. Dealing perfectly with this natal Chiron aspect might in fact be realised through assisting others in their struggle to reach the top. So, maybe a career change from acting to directing/producing might indeed prove to be a good one! In my letter to you from last december I suggested also something like acting classes for talented but “underprivileged” kids, maybe as a project together with fellow actors. A charity that isn’t solely about providing money, but one-on-one patronage and tuning in “the human condition”. This might also be supportive for reaching your astrological life goal: the North Node in Aquarius in the 7th house of relationships which is all about taking PART and joining others for a greater good. Serious advice here from my most beloved childhood series “Mr Rossi looks for happiness”:

“Viva viva happiness, tried to catch it, no success” … so with Chiron on the midheaven you should just not force success, because it then just might bite you in the ass at some point. As transiting Uranus first hit your Chiron in June 2013 and – after hovering over your Chiron & MC for the complete run of “The Crucible” (so THIS is how it feels, when one’s sore spot is hit by lightning from outer space!) – finally just started his run through your 10th house of career. So “The Crucible” marked the beginning of a new cycle: there might be sudden changes, chances and weird stuff happening over the next 10 years or so … just go with the flow, trust your instincts and you’ll be fine 😉

And now … to the witches! First meet Rozanna from Oz – she is the one, whom Richard told his time of birth, while she met him on Ian McKellan’s charity theatre event in Wellington. I wouldn’t know this, hadn’t I coincidentally caught – out of thousands of tweets directed at Richard – the astrologically intriguing one from her and chatted her up. Did I mention that I don’t believe in coincidence?

Richard Armitage & Rozanna B aka AstroSparkles
She has an airy Gemini Sun & an earthy Taurus Moon, while her Ascendant is in fiery Aries.
Rozanna would be the perfect example for the “moonstruck Pluto” as her Pluto really is spot on Richard’s Moon. So there is a lot of attraction from his emotional side to her and just because her Moon is trining Richard’s Moon, she wouldn’t act like Sir Peter (who’s Pluto is also conjunct Richard’s Moon) who told Richard to “stop vomiting and get up fighting again” but rather go and hold his hair back while he’s throwing up 😉 Again, just as in Peter’s case – her Gemini Sun makes a Quintile to Richard’s Leo Sun, so there is a lot of creative energy flowing! Both her Moon and her Vertex-axis are squaring his nodal axis, so she literally cares for & gets a lot of inspiration from both past and present issues of his. Finally her Ascendant on his Chiron triggers his fears in an encouraging “you go boy!” way.

The contact with RAmused started when she chatted me up, after reading my lengthy astrological musings on Servetus blog about Richard as Dolarhyde.

Richard Armitage & RAmused
She has a fiery Aries Sun while both her Moon & Ascendant navigate in the deep waters of Scorpio.
There are a lot of nodal contacts between RAmused and Richard as well: her Moon also squares his nodal axis, supported by her Sun who trines/sextiles it. So she really feels for him and her Sun conjunct his Midheaven creates a nice “stand by me” effect. She would make an excellent representative 😉 His Mercury (and in a wider orb also his Moon) are conjunct her North Node, this is a real feel-good and caring aspect. The North Node is the point whereto we should develop in this life and so she feels especially attracted to him when he is expressing his feelings (and simply his VOICE! as Mercury stands for communication). Between her Moon and his Sun a creative Quintile appears and he actually did inspire her to start blogging and to share very personal feelings on subjects she equally feels concerned about, like bullying.

Richard Armitage & Nadja aka @FrauVonElmDings
I have an airy Aquarius Sun & an equally airy Gemini Moon, while my Ascendant is trying to ground me in earthy Virgo.
As my nodal axis is almost exactly opposite RAmused’s, Richard’s Moon hits my South Node spot on and my Ascendant while his Mercury is also conjunct my Ascendant. Now THIS … hey Richard, if you ever need to prepare for a sort-of-love-at-first-sight-role, just give me a call – as this aspect works both ways guaranteed – I’d like to call it ’emotional waterboarding’ – this is a karmic connection and I feel like I know you “from before”;-) We also share a natal Sun-Venus conjunction and as these are exactly opposite each other, there might be a clash of ego’s but since Leo & Aquarius are quite different it’s felt more like ‘opposites attract’. My Moon is on his Anti-Vertex, while my Vertex-axis is in exact alignment with his nodal axis (and conjunct his Mars) – so this really got my creativity running wild: I’ve never been as creative in writing (blogging), drawing and playing music again (after 30 years) in my life before as I am since past year. Thank you, muse! Maybe my Mars on your Chiron can give a little energy back 🙂

Finally I want to shine a little light on the things that made me “connect” with the other members of this little coven:

FrauVonElmDings & Ramused & AstroSparkles
The unwritten codex of a proper stargazer’s introduction is to share each’s birthdata – so this was the first thing I knew about the two of them. They both make aspects to my Nodal axis, so there is some karma going on here!

Ramused’s South Node is on my 7th house cusp and just on the midpoint of my Venus & North Node in Pisces, while her North Node (and Pluto) is conjunct my Ascendant in Virgo. This is interesting – each’s goal in life – the North Node or so-called “Dragon’s Head” (no shit, lol) – lies where the other one “is coming from”. So this means we can learn a lot from each other. Also we both share a Sun-Uranus opposition double whammy – in fact we did meet & connect rather suddenly. Additionally my Jupiter is on her Moon and my Moon is Quintile her Sun – so we encourage and inspire each other emotionally.

AstroSparkles and I also share nodal contacts: her Pluto is both on my Ascendant and my South Node – so maybe she happened to be a sort of head-witch to me before 😉 and her Uranus is on my Ascendant (hello there, sudden enlightening! Really literally, as she provided me with Richard’s time of birth!) We also share the wonderful Sun-conjunct-Moon aspect (maybe I should marry her?) and my Moon is conjunct her North Node, which adds to emotional understanding and support. My Jupiter is engaged with her her Moon too – in this case opposite, which translates in a positive way like the conjunction.

Both ladies make an important aspect to my Mars (and in effect to Richard’s aforementioned Chiron/MC) and I can tell you, that this IS very energizing! Ramused Aries Sun is spot on my Mars as is AstroSparkles Ascendant. So of course that means that RAmused’s Sun is also on AstroSparkles Ascendant – which is a sort of very nice “you light up my life” aspect 🙂 And because my Jupiter makes the aforementioned aspects to their Moons, they have Moon opposite Moon, which means that they are able to perfectly balance each other out emotionally. And of course they both also share nodal contacts: their nodes trine/sextile each other and AstroSparkles Saturn is really spot on RAmused’s South Node while her Uranus is equally spot on her North Node: Teacher from the past, Enlightener of the future!

Dear Richard – (you might consider this a curse or an early birthday present 😉 ) but “The Witches of Erebor” (or “Crispin’s Angels”, as you like it) are officially watching over you … so if you are ever in need of astrological advice – who do you gonna call? … ehehehe … yeah well maybe you prefer your personal “Ghostbusters” over us “weyward sisters”, but hey, you’ll never know 😉

“The angels are watching over me, constantly they say. The angels are always close to me in every game I play. And if I win or lose… I know they’ll see me through. The angels watch my every move.” (Angels / Lene Lovich)


Richard Armitage, Hannibal & the 7 Year Itch … more astrological musings

Now that the second half of Hannibal’s season 3 is in full swing and there’s a lot of appreciation of Mr. A’s take on the role circulating the web, I’ve reviewed some of my astrological musings from earlier this year today.

It all started in february on Servetus blog “me + richard armitage”, with a guest post in three parts – because I didn’t wanted to start blogging myself … ha. There had been some uproar in the fanbase about his take on this particular gory role and I wanted to share my personal astrological insights to help fans find a better understanding for his motivation and also share a theory I’d formed about the fans-actor relationship per se.

During research for the article, I found this hilarious picture from Disney’s “Hercules” – looks like Dolarhyde on his way to mount Erebor to me 😉

The title was: “Why Richard Armitage IS Francis Dolarhyde … and you should love him anyway” … those who are up for a little spiritual journey, check out the link. It is in small parts a bit obsolete, as I know his real time of birth now, but overall still legit. Mainly the timeframe for the “moonstruck Plutos” changed towards the years 1961-1965 and his ascendant is in another (but also fiery) sign than I’d expected.

About two months ago I then wrote the following post on my tumblr (yes, I’d finally succumbed to blogging *sigh*) which – especially regarding the ecstatic responses about episode 3.10 so far – seems to be pretty accurate. Mr. A gives an intense portrayal of a scarred body & soul and from what I have seen so far, I’m very glad that he didn’t shy away from this role.

Richard Armitage, Hannibal & the 7 Year Itch –
more astrological musings by FrauVonElmDings

Many “well-wishers” of Mr. A are still wondering if his decision to play the “Red Dragon” in Hannibal’s 3rd season would prove to be a wise one.

So I’ve been stargazing again today and followed the path of transiting Jupiter. We all witnessed a Jupiter accompanied success story this year: on may 12 – the night of the Olivier Awards – he was conjunct Mark Strong’s Sun in Leo. Under the influence of this “ego-boost” he was awarded the Olivier for best male actor.

Some days before the ceremony I’d been checking the nominee’s charts and transits and was “inspired” to do a little predictive comic (not in Mr. A’s favour, but – as we know now – I nailed it):

Now Jupiter is moving further along and will touch – beginning from the end of july until mid september Mr. A’s Venus, Sun, Mercury and Moon. So this sounds very promising for a positive outcome of his Hannibal engagement! Fans should watch out especially for the episode airing on august 6, as Mercury and Venus will add additional positive vibes then. So maybe this might be the one, with the scene that – according to showrunner Bryan Fuller – drew gasps from the whole crew 😉

But even the sweetest smelling roses have thorns: during the same time transiting Saturn conjuncts Mr. A’s Neptune and Jupiter and squares his Venus and Sun. So this is also an important time to put things on the right track. Saturn always forces us to take a stand, evaluate and also detach from things we don’t need anymore (and there WILL be things to detach from!).To connect both events: this may result in the situation, that in the wake of an enormous Hannibal-success naturally the question “what next?” may arise.

If Mr. A would care to provide his exact time of birth *cough* – one might tell exactly which areas of life will be influenced by this transit. (I didn’t had the time back then! It found its way to me shortly thereafter.) The best thing to do when Saturn is involved is to stay grounded and try to make the right decisions about problems that will present themselves now – probably how to follow dreams and in what projects to engage in the future. Also to be mindful of one’s health (in this case in particular the heart) is a topic that shouldn’t be ignored under such a significant transit.

Saturn is in fact the astrological explanation for the “7 year itch” phenomenon 😉 so, wrong decisions made during this time, might haunt one in about 7 years from now, when slow moving Saturn will make the next hard aspect to the mentioned planets …


Richard Armitage’s off-screen chemistry with … astrologically examined

To follow up the musings about Richard’s on-screen chemistry with four different actors, I chose four different persons he’s been interacting with off-screen: two directors, a “showrunner” and a journalist.

Let’s start with his longest “working relationship” so far:
Richard Armitage & Peter Jackson
Peter is a Scorpio and his Sun makes a Quintile aspect to Richard’s Sun in Leo. This is a “talent” aspect, which in this case of two egos involved, leads to a massive amount of creative energy. To prevent this energy from “running amok” it has to be controlled. This is where Peter’s Pluto comes in: he is conjunct Richard’s Moon. This is the “Pluto gets moonstruck” aspect: the Pluto-person is turned on by the emotional nature of the Moon-person (there is a quote of Peter out there somewhere, saying something like he admires Richard’s real life shyness and how he can completely transform himself when he’s on-screen). Since Pluto is not gently, but rather passionate, it strives to get the Moon under his spell in turn and will have no scruples to push the Moon almost emotionally “over the edge” in the process. I think reader’s have heard of Peter’s famous acting note to Richard: “Stop throwing up, get up & continue to fight.” …

The most intense interaction with a journalist we’ve witnessed as of yet:
Richard Armitage & Marlise Boland
Marlise is a Sagittarius with a natal Sun-Mars conjunction – she radiates a lot of energy! While she shares the same aspect with Richard as Peter Jackson: her Pluto conjunct Richard’s Moon, her Sun-&-Mars are square to Richard’s Moon. Her Venus is conjunct his Jupiter, which is a very nice thing to have: it mainly translates as “having fun and a really good time together”, but since her Venus squares his natal Venus, there is also a hint for potential disharmony. So in this case, it is likely, that the Moon-person will be fascinated at first, but might pull away after some time, because it feels overwhelmed by all that energy/demands directed at him from Sun, Mars and Pluto.

The director that managed to “lure” him back on stage:
Richard Armitage & Yael Farber
Yael is an Aquarius with a natal stellium consisting of Mars-Jupiter-Moon-Neptune in Scorpio (Mars) and Sagittarius. So from this stellium – her emotional core being – there is a Quintile aspect to Richard’s Mars and North Node and also a square to his Sun – so her emotions equally hit his ego & got his “motor” (Mars) running. Also Richard’s Sun and Venus are conjunct her South Node, which points to a karmic relationship: these two have “unfinished business” from the past to deal with in this life. Their Suns are connected by a quincunx, which would lead to egos breaking up and reconnecting in a constant dance. A good thing for an artistically inspiring relationship!

The showrunner who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse:
Richard Armitage & Bryan Fuller
Bryan is also a Leo, but there is no Sun-on-Sun ego-clash here, so this is really more like a “tarred with the same brush” experience. Bryan’s Sun makes a trine to Richard’s “big-dreams-aspect”, his natal Neptune-Jupiter conjunction, so he is in fact “shining a light on” these dreams. Even further encouraging them with his Mars directly conjunct Richard’s Neptune and again a Quintile aspect from Mars to Mars: so here’s talent in action! Other than with Peter, in this case, Richard is likely to put a foot down, when Bryan’s imagination tries to spiral out of control, because his Saturn is opposite Bryan’s Mars – I’ll only mention the so far voiced “dealbreakers” at this point 😉 The best thing at last: their Moons trine each other – so we have an instant emotional connection and trust in each other.

So, if anyone wants to hire me for some quick casting checks after these little astrological “field trips” – just give me a call 😉

Edit: oh and all you longterm Armitage-bloggers out there! I wanna do part 3: #RichardArmitage ‘s astro-chemistry with bloggers – anyone up for it? No RL names!

Edit august, 9: as all is quiet on the blogging front – part three is about Richard encountering “The Witches of Erebor” 😉

Edit august, 15: five brave and curious bloggers agreed to form part 4 of the “Richard’s chemistry with …” series 🙂


Richard Armitage’s on-screen chemistry with … astrologically examined.

Watching Richard Armitage’s great performance with Rutina Wesley in Hannibal triggered the stargazer in me. So I searched for compatibility clues in their charts … and while I was at it, also went to look up some other great examples from Richard’s past for a proper comparison – here is what I found – I might add, that astrology never ceases to amaze me:

Richard Armitage & Rutina Wesley
Rutina is a very last degree Sagittarius and Richard an almost last degree Leo – so their fiery Suns / Egos trine each other and blend well together.
But the aspect that mainly caught my eye is a so called Moon-Mars “double whammy”, i.e. both their Moons are conjunct the other’s Mars. The Moon represents our emotional core and the female principle while Mars stands for the male principle. So these two will form a lively couple with strong instinctive reactions towards each other. Interestingly, between these “double whammy”s there is another aspect to be found: a quincunx. A lot of people don’t like this aspect, because it is not a stable, but a “searching” one. Planets connected this way keep losing each other and are thus constantly forced to reconnect in different ways – shifting and changing – a “dance with an earthquake”. To me, this mirrors perfectly the strange relationship between Reba and Francis.

Richard Armitage & Dawn French
The finale of “The Vicar of Dibley” featured an unusual pairing: the lanky “handsome stranger” as the petite Vicar’s love-at-first-sight interest. Dawn is a Libra and although their Suns don’t aspect each other directly, Leo & Libra would be considered as “compatible” signs per se. Furthermore their Moons (both in earth signs) trine each other: so these two are likely to share an instant emotional connection (o.k. I know, it is beginning to sound creepy 😉 ). But that wasn’t all of it, was it? I don’t want to sound politically incorrect, but Dawn herself was never shy to talk about her weight “problem” … so what I’m trying to say is, that their appearance as a couple was strong, but a bit unusual – a clue: they have a Mars-Uranus double-whammy! Those two will encourage each other to “push the envelope”, but as Dawn’s Pluto is also conjunct Richard’s Sun, she is the one that will be “pushing” a bit more 😉

Richard Armitage & Daniela Denby-Ashe
I think every fan of the BBC’s “North & South” will agree with me, that the chemistry between its two protagonists was through the roof. They both are born in the last days of Leo and so their Suns are conjunct each other. This can be quite harmonious as in “birds of a feather”, but Sun-on-Sun can also provoke an enormous clash of egos. So, this is exactly what their on-screen relationship was like at first. But the second remarkable aspect is a Moon-Moon opposition – Richard’s in Virgo and Daniela’s in Pisces – this reads as “opposites attract” and can bring out strong emotions in one another. Because each of them approaches emotional issues from a different view point, the partners will – in the end – balance each other out perfectly. Well, this is their story in a nutshell, isn’t it?

Finally here’s the on-screen relationship that moved fans to tears recently:
Richard Armitage & Martin Freeman
As they are born about 2 weeks apart from each other in the same year, all of the slower moving planets are in almost exactly the same spot. The extraordinary thing is here, that they share one of the strongest double whammys imaginable: each other’s Moon is aspecting each’s Sun. With this there comes a feeling that you can rely on one another. The Moon person compliments the Sun person’s ego and these two feel totally at ease in each other’s company. This is in fact THE ultimate marriage aspect! So, no wonder that fans are shipping these two as “Bagginshield” 😉 As they both have a natal Mars-Uranus trine connected to each other’s, at the same time, they have no problem to break out in sudden arguments with each other either. In the end, the caring aspect is stronger so all in all this creates really great emotional chemistry.

So, I’m not saying that they all only acted in these roles as convincing as they did, because “the stars” favorited it – but it certainly did help 😉

What I’m truly wondering now, is if really good casting directors are also secretly astrologers (or consult them) or if they are just born experts in knowing people?

Edit: I had so much fun doing this little astrological “finger excercise” that I did it again: so now part 2 with Richard’s off-screen chemistry is up here.


Can I use astrology like a soft-boiled-egg-shell-cracker ?

Servetus introduced me a while ago to “Rob Brezsny’s Freewill Astrology” … the weekly horoscopes are quite bizarre – in fact, just the way I like it 😉


This week’s one really “cracked me up” – because I am German and actually own an “Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher” … just went and took a picture of it, so here’s the proof guys, this is how it looks like and let me tell you: it’s really an excellent tool 😛


And just because “I am a genius. I am a lucky, plucky, good-sucking genius.” (Did I say that I love this week’s oracle text too?) I’m also quite capable of carefully completely peeling soft boiled eggs for my favorite breakfast: “Eier im Glas” (Eggs in a Bowl) you peel them while still hot, then put them in a small glass bowl with a piece of butter & salt and then squish and spoon them. Together with some buttered toast this is heaven 🙂

• eating out & getting drunk SIGHT SOUND & TASTE STARGAZING

and now for something completely different: why are Clooney & Dujardin such fast friends?

While I was searching for trailers for my favorite french movies post on july 14, I encountered something I hadn’t noticed before: obviously french actor Jean Dujardin (who won an Oscar for “The Artist”) and George Clooney had somehow become fast friends. Despite Jean’s still pretty non-existent english skills 😉

Check out the hilarious Nespresso Spot featuring Clooney & Dujardin

And a very nice “behind the scenes” video with an interview – mostly with Jean talking french, he isn’t only good looking but has a VERY nice voice too 😉 Clooney about how they met at the Oscars: “Jean was a breath of fresh air at the academy” and Dujardin complimenting Clooney: “En fait si vous regardez dans le dictionnaire, si vous recherchez ‘classe’ … ‘la classe / l’elégance’ vous trouvais ‘George Clooney'” (“Actually if you pick up the dictionary and search for ‘class’ & ‘elegance’ you’ll find ‘George Clooney'”)

So I went and peeked in the stars a bit, to find an explanation for this interesting “intercultural” friendship.
The birth time from both actors is disclosed and has an AA rating on, which stands for “accurate data recorded by family or the state”.

So – when you compare their natal charts it looks like this:
and they DO have some lovely aspects together:
Clooney’s Sun conjunct Dujardin’s Anti-Vertex – which indicates an instant friendship, also Clooney’s Moon conjunct Dujardin’s North Node – a VERY binding, emotional and supportive aspect and both their Moons trine each other – this really are two souls in harmony 🙂

What knocked me sideways was the final look at their Davison chart (a Davison is a chart for a relationship between two persons, which is created on the basis of a midpoint in time and space of their respective birth dates – this is the chart for the relationship itself, so to speak)
This looks like an open envelope – in most cases when this pattern appears in a chart it looks like a closed letter – but this one really is open, so the enourmous energys of these two together can literally get out and do good for both of their careers (as the cusp hits the MC aka the public status).
And there is a Sun-Venus conjunction trining Jupiter – this is one of the best aspects to have – it just means there is “lots of love” between them. Not sex, just love, pure and simple. This really seems to be a meeting of kindred spirits 🙂