in other news … “Linden Tar” kickstarter project will be made!

A while ago I’d pointed out a very lovely russian stop-motion short-film project titled “Linden Tar”.
I’m pleased to announce, that they (with a small contribution from me & 262 fellow dreamers) reached their goal on kickstarter and will hopefully be able to finish this project now in time to meet the deadline of prestigous @annecyfestival.
I’m very happy to be a small part of this 🙂
You can vote for “project of the week” on indiewire here:

and follow them on twitter @LindenTar to get news-updates and gain some insight in the wonderfully complicated process of making a stop-motion movie … the movie will be only 5 (!) minutes long and they now still need about 6 months to finish it, so you can imagine how much dedication and hard work will be put into this project 🙂

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