Huhu / Hi / Hola …

Frau von Elm-Dings is the daughter of a painter and an astrologer & lives with her husband and 3 sighthounds in southern Germany.


After finishing an art oriented upper secondary school she worked as a freelance graphic designer mostly for her brother-in-law’s arthouse cinemas and filmdistribution company. Together with her ex-husband who was developing software for cinemas and distributors she attended filmfestivals, trade shows and set up hard/software and trained staff around the globe for over 12 years.

From 1999 until 2005 she studied architecture – including internships at a carpenter, varnisher, drywall installation company and spending a whole term at an architect’s office, mainly building models for presentations. She gained a (sort of) BA (Vordiplom) but quit just before finishing her MA.


Caused by their first own dog – Rhodesian Ridgeback Sambamba (which is swahili and means ‘side by side’) – she and her ex-husband sold their former company and went literally ‘to the dogs’ by opening a huge department store for dog fanciers.

In april 2014 a strange muse – in the form of a bearded dwarf – appeared in Frau von Elm-Dings life, causing her to wake up her sleeping artistic talents once again and also follow in the footsteps of her astrologer mum by musing about this unusual muse.

So this blog will feature – from june 2015 on – posts about Frau von Elm-Dings various art interests, occasionally including the art of cooking & the art of stargazing … expect crazy & creative posts in (sometimes bad) english and german 😉

Frau Schade – formerly known as Frau von Elm-Dings


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