upps … or: You and Me and Karma makes Three

Sometimes it seems a whole lotta karma can be set in motion with the slightest of triggers. In my case this was a very short word. Well technically not even a real word. Just ‘upps’ (german for ‘whoops’).

It took me some time to figure out the astrological triggers. Rather unsurprisingly all four of the ‘usual suspects’ were involved – namely Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Now, this is something that shakes you to the core and turns your world upside down. I had a long talk with N.Y. based astrologer Dawn Bodrogi about this and she said “everything is in motion and changing, it’s funny that you’re sounding completely calm about it”. In a way I really am. In a way I’m not. But I’m trying to make the most of it. The road to enlightenment and / or personal evolution isn’t straight. There is no ‘finish line’ in sight. Maybe it’s behind the next corner. Maybe not. But if I don’t keep moving on, I’ll never know.

While musing about my chart I was doodling planetary symbols and had – out of the blue – the idea to get a very special tattoo befitting this whole situation. I’ve been fascinated with tattoos since my dad got one, when I was about 12. I made it a rule, that every idea that got into my head had to last at least for half a year. With my erratic Gemini moon – so far – none of them did. But since the fascination for astrology is as old as the one for tattoos for me, this seems to be a solid enough basis 😉

The idea I finally came up with consists of the symbols for Neptune, Infinity and Saturn. As it’s an infinite task to successfully combine one’s dreams with reality. One or the other will always get in the way or have the upper hand – at least for a while. And then the dance begins anew.

When I made the final sketch – which I’m about to discuss with a local tattoo artist in mid april – I suddenly realized, that the little, not even real word ‘upps’ somehow made its way in the drawing as well. Karma is some cunning bitch.



Just “Hanni” from the Block … documentary about Mads Mikkelsen from 2011 (arte)

Searching for “Hannibal” previews I happened upon this great documentary with Mads, that french-german tv network “arte” did in 2011. It’s almost an hour long – the camera team follows Mads and his older brother around the quarter in Kopenhagen where they grew up, he talks about his childhood (in a working-class family, without any contact to art, except radio plays), how strange it was to meet the Queen at the Bond premiere and that he still feels like “Jenny from the Block”.

I never saw his first movie “Pusher” which he did, while he was still at filmschool and many of his other earlier or Danish films – so it was interesting to see some clips here, he really is a very good and versatile actor … and those ballet moves in the studio weren’t bad either for an “old man” 😉

I always thought he might still be a last degree Scorpio (yeah well, the things “Hannibal” does to your perception 😉 ), but seeing this I’m rather convinced that he was born after 01:30pm, and in fact maybe at 02:30pm, which would give him a Sagittarius Sun and an Aries Ascendant. He seems to be quite fiery at heart, despite his Scorpio Moon 😉

Hej Mads, if you ever happen across this, I’d really like to know! 😉

So don’t be put off, because the whole documentary has a german voiceover (it really sounds rather pleasant – as far as german can sound pleasant to anglophile ears 😉 ) you can hear quite a lot of what is spoken in english or danish anyway, and someone did an english translation – the link is provided under each of the four parts on youtube.


Richard’s chemistry with … my source material & a little glossary

For those wondering, what exactly it is that I’m looking at, while trying to create a “mind-map” and a short description of someone’s chemistry with Richard.

The first 12 pics are so called bi-wheels or synastry charts: each is a combination of Richard’s planets (on the outer circle) with one of the nine bloggers (inner circle) that participated so far in part 1 and part 2 plus me & the other two “Witches of Erebor“.


The second 12 pics are midpoint or composite charts: this looks like a normal natal chart, but is a combination of two charts where the points between the two Suns and all other planets are calculated and thus form a new completely new chart.


All charts in random order – for the really curious one’s: I’m bottom right in each 😉

Key to aspect colors:
Orange is the color for a conjunction, i.e. planets are about 0°-7° apart
Red aspects can be energizing or stressful (opposition 180° / square 90°)
Blue aspects are harmonious (sextile 60° / trine 120°)
Cyan aspects are inspiring (quintile 72°)
Green aspects are “searching” contacts (half-sextile 30° / quincunx 150°)
Yellow aspects can be a little obsessive (quindecile 165°)


So – everyone who participated should now be able – with the help of my description and the glossary – to find at least his bi-wheel picture. 😉


Richard’s chemistry with … Bloggers & how they support his life’s goal … part 2

After a special birthday gift for the man himself about “Richard’s chemistry with … Richard III” now the second part of the “Richard’s chemistry with … Bloggers” series. My “act of kindness” towards people who honor Richard’s work in their own special ways 🙂

Appearance again in alphabetical order, with a “special guest” as the first participant:

Richard Armitage & Ali from richardarmitagenet.com
Ali has a communicative, airy Gemini Sun opposite her energetic and curious Sagittarius Moon, while her Ascendant is in earthy, structured Virgo.
As Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communcation, we can see a really strong emphasis on this theme. The house where our Sun is, is the area where we want to “shine” and Ali’s is in her 10th house of vocation, public status, career – together with three other important planets: Mercury (let’s talk about something), Venus (let’s make it beautiful) and Saturn (let’s make it perfekt). So, it’s no wonder that she is maintaining a really informative, successful and up-to-date fanwebsite for Richard (for 7 years now, plus @RAnetdotcom on twitter for 6,5 years). I think it’s quite significant that she first “encountered” Richard through a newspaper article herself! Richard’s Mercury [sic!] is exactly on her Virgo Ascendant. So the words in which he described himself in that article hit her in the one spot in her chart, that signifies, how we start new things. Though the most important aspect might be that her natal Sun and Moon opposition aligns with Richard’s Vertex axis – this is a thunderbolt that strucks body & soul – and could easily result in endless inspiration 🙂

Richard Armitage & Amazing Grace from RAndom thoughts
Grace has a fiery Leo Sun and a psychic, intuitive Pisces Moon. As her birthtime is not known, the sign of her Ascendant can not be determined. In her chart I can also see a strong, yet a little different emphasis on the communication-theme: her Mercury in cautious water-sign Cancer is forming a learning-aspect-pattern with her Venus (harmony) and Mars (action) – both of which are – again – to be found in signs ruled by Mercury: Virgo & Gemini. Her Mars is aspected from Richard’s Sun & Venus by a Quintile – an inspiring creative aspect, that – together with his Mars in a harmonious aspect to hers – really sets her into action. An interesting double-whammy aspect between their respective Moon & Saturn points to a quite serious, longterm, committed relationship. His Saturn is also in a 15° aspect to her South Node, so in a way, he seems to appear like a teacher from the past to her. Two strong square aspects create an additional magnetic pull: her Pluto square his Sun, and her Mars square his Moon. But as her Venus is conjunct his Moon (inspiring the communicative aspect of the relationship) and her Sun is conjunct his Ascendant there is a strong will to “light up his life” in a positive way. 🙂

Richard Armitage & Obscura from Ancient Armitage
Obscura has a Virgo Sun that is forming a rarely found aspect to her Mercury in Libra (in her house of work) and her Neptune in Scorpio (the house of relationships to others), a very small green and blue triangle, which is called the “eye”. With this eye-Aspect comes an ability to “see” things more clearly. As all planets involved are further emphasized by her Moon in Cancer, Pluto (next to her Sun) and asteroid Pallas (next to Mercury) – which points to an investigative mind and an enhanced ability to recognize “patterns” – I can really see, what attracts her to classical archaeology and art history. Richard’s Uranus conjuncts her South Node – this indicates a past life contact with a revolutionary person, that has influenced her back then and now makes a re-appearance to finish this karmic task. Her natal Sun & Pluto conjunction (which could be described as the human equivalent to a nuclear power plant 😉 ) is conjunct Richard’s Pluto. The Sun-person gets drawn to the Pluto-person like a moth to the flame. And as her Sun features strongly in her natal “eye” aspect, this gets a massive boost through this Pluto aspect. So on her blog she combines her love for all things “ancient” with her fascination for Richard. 🙂

Richard Armitage & Tree from richardtreehouse
Like Obscura, Tree has a Virgo Sun (also conjunct Pluto) and possibly an airy Aquarius Moon (as her time of birth is not known and in mid-afternoon on her birthday the Moon changes into Pisces). Although they are born in very different years, there is an “eye” aspect involving Mercury in Tree’s chart, too. But as it is not Mercury, but Venus & Uranus on the apex of this triangle forming also a square aspect to Neptune & Saturn, the whole thing is flavored a little differently. By comparing both of their charts I can see that Richard’s optimistic Jupiter makes a harmonious aspect to Tree’s Venus – so this is a very nice enhancement of her “eye”. (The latest blogposts contained quite detailed studies of his forearms 😉 ). This seems also to be a karmic connection: Tree’s natal Mercury & Mars are on Richard’s South Node. So it might be that, in this life, she is trying to pay back in word (Mercury) & the act (Mars), kindnesses received from him in the past. But the most striking aspect is (still depending a bit on the position of her Moon) a likely Sun-Moon double-whammy. As described in Richard’s chemistry with Martin Freeman, this is a really lovely “caring for each other” aspect. 🙂


Why Richard Armitage IS Francis Dolarhyde … and you should love him anyway – a review

These musings were first published on february 9, 2015 as a guest-post on Servetus blog “me + richard armitage” here because I never expected to start a blog myself back then 😉

As Richard’s real time of birth found its way to me about four months later and the Dolarhyde story is about to end next week, I thought a review & a résumé of my original musings might be in order. The altered bits will appear in red and/or crossed out.

An astrological journey into the dark – and back again

I’d like to thank Servetus for inviting me to do this guest-post (and editing me, as English is not my mother tongue). I like her blog because it deals with its favorite topic in a frank way. I discovered “me + richard armitage” in the first place when a certain British actor “entered” my life in a most unusual way. Ever since, I’ve experienced a side of myself I never thought I had. So now it’s time for the “fruit” of all that obsession to be born.

Over the past months, I have spent quite some time putting together and analyzing Mr. Armitage’s horoscope. As his latest choice of role (Francis Dolarhyde) generated a lack of understanding within large parts of his “Army,” I wanted to share my astrological discoveries with you. This essay’s title may be a bit sensational — of course Mr. A is NOT Francis Dolarhyde — but in part two, I’ll try to help readers find some similarities and thereby a better understanding of Mr. A’s potential motivation for choosing this particular role. And — for those who are open to it — in part three, I offer some insights about involvement in the whole fandom per se.

But in this first part, I would like to start with a few words on astrology. A long time ago, it was considered the “queen of sciences” and for a lot of people it still is. Astrology is as much a “science” as psychology and philosophy – it ideally takes a humanistic approach and should be used to help people along their path of life. It should not, however, be used to predict the future, as this is an illusion! But of course that’s what it was (and still is) often used for, and because such attempts are prone to failure, this misuse may be a reason for its current poor reputation. Of course every stargazer tries to peek into the future a bit, by musing about current transits and how they affect the aspects in our birth chart … I did so myself by “predicting” that Mark Strong might win the Olivier award.

My mother has been a professional astrologer for over thirty years now. She works in the style of the Swiss Huber School, founded in the 60s and based on Roberto Assagioli’s work of psychosynthesis (the foundation of modern psychology) combined with ancient astrological knowledge. Huber School astrology is not about predicting the future, but rather — I quote from their English site — “providing a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological and spiritual growth.” The summary of their “Code of Ethics” is “The only acceptable goal of the astrological-psychological counsellor and teacher must be to increase the freedom of the person who is being counselled!” If you like, take a look.

From helping my mum with her work by drawing charts manually in my teens to discussing events and life stages with her, I’ve gained a lot of insight. She has far more experience than I, but she has always admired my “gut feelings,” so astrology was the place for me to go for answers, when I was hit — out of the blue — by an unexpected obsession manifesting in the form of a bearded (I really really don’t like beards) dwarf (I was always into big guys). Despite always being a dreamer and creative, I’m also a methodical, organized person (I studied architecture for 5 years). But as my life quickly turned toward chaos, I was desperate to get a grip on why this man was bothering me so badly. Me, working in the cinema/distribution business for over 12 years without ever asking someone “famous” for an autograph (well, except for the real one-and-only Darth Vader – that surely doesn’t count, right)? Me, in a happy, stable marriage for over 26 years? Me, thought to be always in total control of her emotions?

So, I went to draw up the man’s horoscope by using the technique of Age Progression in the rectification of his birth time. The Huber School sees the horoscope as a clock / calendar and by taking important times in Mr. A’s life combined with his behavior/interview statements, I tried to use it “backwards.” It’s really a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I was struggling with the final pieces for quite some time, but I think I’ve gotten it right now. I finally came up with 20:24 (or 08:24 pm) as time of birth, which (of course only if I’m right!) would also mean that the sign of his ascendant is Aries (Ram). Well, I failed. As I know now, it is Leo. So, as Leo is a fire sign – still double fire (his Leo Sun & Aries are both fire signs) and a Moon in calm, organized, methodical and humble earth sign Virgo.


This is how it looks (the small numbers on the outside mark the years since his birth (75, 81, 87, and so on); the time of birth is on the AC; and from there we’ll begin his life’s journey counterclockwise around the chart. On the sides, I’ve added the charts as they would look like if he had been born at midnight (left) and at noon (right). Most of the planetary interaspects will be the same, apart from the most important, the Moon, which is moving very fast. But the way the planets are connected to the houses AC/2/3/IC/5/6/DC/8/9/MC/11/12, which represent our different stages / areas of life, are different in each picture. So to understand fully where someone’s strengths and weaker points may manifest in life (and help him make this knowledge useful for himself) it is crucial to have the exact time of birth.

Of course, I found something else. Suddenly it was very clear to me why there are so many really “obsessive” websites out there dedicated to him. This obvious, palpable obsession for the author’s “topic” reaches far beyond that of screaming teens over the “Backstreet Boys.” And it was exactly the feeling (in review, in my case there’s still a bit more to it -> explained in “The Witches of Erebor“) with which I’m trying to deal for nearly a year now. So, welcome to an astrological walk “on the dark side” that I hope will eventually bring a bit of enlightenment and peace of mind to some readers.

For readers who would like to be accompanied by a bit of music along the way, I chose this lute / e-guitar piece by minimalist composer and lute-player, Jozef van Wissem, and indie-director, Jim Jarmusch, called “The Mystery of Heaven.” I had it on repeat for quite some time during my research. It is dark and also joyful, sometimes just painfully dissonant, has endings and new beginnings — just like life — so it fits the subject of all of this perfectly.

Pain is just the first step. First, we have to acknowledge and reflect on the intensity of our behavior when it comes to Mr. A. Looking to see whether he’s posted something new on twitter once a day might be the behavior of a casual fan — but some of us do so every waking hour (and check in on every other important fansite). Same goes for sending really personal letters or gifts to a person one hasn’t ever met in person, or having frequent conversations with this someone in one’s head (in my case, in a foreign language) or trying to find out his address. Mental health professionals might find such behavior suspect, and we’d be worried about ourselves if we acted like this toward an ex or a coworker.

So what is the force behind all this intense activity? If it comes to obsessive behavior, any “stargazer” would first take a close look at Pluto. In mythology Pluto (a/k/a Hades) is the god of the underworld. Not an evil guy, particularly, but obviously one on the darker side of life, er, well, more like afterlife. As I have a strong Pluto influence in my natal chart, he also happens to be my favorite Disney villain ever. And the priceless thing about it is, that this scene I just stumbled upon, taken from Hercules, in review just looks like Hades / Dolarhyde on his way to Mount Erebor: “We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy. What do you say? Come on.”


For those interested in digging deeper into his ancient history there’s an interesting article about Pluto and Hades on Wikipedia. As reactive as he can be, Pluto is patient. Like: Really, really patient. He’s the sleeping volcano. He waits, watches and observes. He wants to understand fully the motivations and workings of his “targets,” and when he finally gets the full picture he strikes and doesn’t miss a beat. He can be quite frightening or destructive as well. Ring a bell? Mr A sounds rather Plutonian in many interviews: Patient like “I’m very patient. I’d rather not have it, than have it too soon” and reactive as in “the kind of temper you can’t apologize for. Yep, the chair getting thrown out of the window.” And so are many members of his “Army.” Watching over his every step. Trying to find a meaning in everything he says. United in their possessive and protective feelings towards him. And reactive too! Make no mistake — these are very real feelings and not to be messed with! From reading some old interviews I take it there had been an incident in the past, when he’d said something about his “Army” and had somehow felt the need to apologize for doing so, very quickly afterwards [August 3, 2009].

Richard Armitage, the Hades Moon, and fans

We’ve just taken a quick look on “the dark side.” Now, my fellow guests of this Mad Tea Party, let’s see if the ferryman’ll take us back. Because Pluto is not just dark and evil. The positive side of a strong plutonian influence can be an immense creative energy. We’ve seen evidence of this, or created some ourselves: websites, videoclips, poems, paintings, photomontages and the like. Here’s my own attempt to cope with the beard-effect:


But still: why would an actor who “managed to stay under the radar for years” (maybe by wearing Pluto’s helmet of invisibility) or whose choice of super-hero role would fall on “The Invisible Man” evoke such strong feelings in so many people from very different backgrounds?

According to his horoscope, Richard Armitage’s Leo Sun is conjunct with his Venus. This combination would result in a tender-hearted, kind person with lots of charm, one who would have difficulties with open confrontation. The perfect mediator, always searching for a way to compromise so nobody gets hurt. His Virgo Moon is conjunct with his Pluto – now this is different. I could quote the whole blog post of Leah Whitehorse (Lua Astrology) on this, but you may just read it for yourself.

I also have no idea how old readers of this post might be, but I assume the majority of persons reading this now (and especially those who are experiencing the sort of “real-crazy-RA-crush”) were born between 1963 and 1970 1960 and 1965. If I had exact birthdates (including time and place), I’m sure I would find an aspect between Moon and Pluto in their natal horoscopes. There is one in mine, and — as mentioned — in Mr. A’s. Instead of trusting me with such personal information you can simply log in to www.astro.com (free of charge!), enter your data and see for yourself if there is an aspect (line) between Moon and Pluto, or if they are even next to each other as are Mr. A’s — which is — as Goethe would have put it — “the crux of the matter.”

Pluto is an extremely slow moving planet, so that many people born between 1963 and 1970 1960 and 1965 would have their Pluto (which represents the most radical, passionate and sometimes dark part of our psyche) broadly or closely (for those born about 1966-1967) conjunct both Mr. A’s Moon (which stands for the emotional core) and his Pluto. People his own age or just slightly younger wouldn’t feel it as much, because his Moon is some degrees apart and — as Pluto is so slow, we all share conjunctions between Pluto with people our own age — so there’s no big deal in this alone. (There are minor Pluto-Moon aspects for people born between 1978-1982 and 1989-1993 which — if they were exact — would be probably felt just as much).

If one experiences the aforementioned connection (aspect) in one’s natal horoscope between Moon and Pluto this effect would by some astrologers be called a “Hades-Moon.” Moon-Pluto aspects are said to be karmic, powerful, potentially dark, but with an enormous creative potential and they have almost always something to do with “mother” issues — either in a good or bad way. Judy Hall has written a really fascinating book, The Hades Moon (1998), which I’ll be quoting later on, as this is — of course — all heading towards Mr. A’s portrayal of Francis Dolarhyde.

Back to Pluto in general: the element Plutonium wasn’t named after planet Pluto by accident. When Pluto hits you, it’s like an atomic bomb, and there will be a fallout that often lasts more than a lifetime. Pluto creates karmic connections between all kinds of people: parent / child, teacher / pupil, lovers, star / fan, killer / victim, and so on. Those who choose to run from tasks Pluto has set will have to deal with them again and again. Even in your next life(s), until you’ve learned your lesson, shed your old skin and are truly reborn. It’s a bit like “Hotel California” — you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. You’ll always meet him in the end (whether you pay the ferryman or not) and have to try again — there’s just nowhere to hide.

The funny (?) thing about the “Hades-Moon” is that people who have this aspect are usually able to “recognize” and move toward each other, because a normal relationship just won’t do. It has to be life-altering, consuming and intense. Whether they’ll be at each other’s throats or share an intimate and passionate relationship for the rest of their lives depends a great deal on the individual’s capacity for self-aware reflection and sense of responsibility. So, whether it lasts or not, it will usually be a life changing experience for both partners. Hopefully one that develops them, or else they will be likely to meet again in another time and place. I think there is nothing remarkable in the fact that Liz Taylor and Richard Burton both had a “Hades-Moon.”

So — as my theory goes — the members of the “Armitage Army” might share a connection at least from their respective Plutos to Mr. A’s Moon and Pluto. This aspect creates a psychic link and a strong magnetic pull. Pluto will be completely “moonstruck.” The Pluto-partner’s (in this case, the “Army”) usually strong expression of deepness of his feelings can encourage the Moon-partner (Mr. A) to find a way out of (possible) emotional isolation. Often the unconscious needs of both parties will be discovered in the process. This process can result in a strong, creative, and dynamic bond. In the best way, it can manifest as a nurturing and almost maternal connection.

I would like to remind all of us that the all-knowing, headstrong and determined Pluto-partner can (even unintentionally) hurt the emotionally far more fragile Moon badly through its actions! Pluto likes to play mind games and to exercise control and is both fascinated and turned on by the soft and yielding nature of the Moon (a/k/a “shy” Mr. A, who “likes to paint and play the cello”). The Moon can at times feel overwhelmed by Pluto’s subtle but controlling force. Yet the Moon might feel a disturbing emptiness when Pluto unexpectedly pulls away, and if the Moon pulls away first, then Pluto may experience rage or a serious depression (watch what happens if he’s not tweeting for some days). The sensible Moon is going to notice right away when the relationship gets “weird” and is likely to pull away, while Pluto can’t even see that there is an obsession at all, he only feels drawn to the task of watching over the Moon.

As one of the main themes of a Hades-Moon in Virgo is a deep inner conviction that one is actually not good enough, it is no surprise to me, that Mr. A was more than a little astonished when his Army formed shortly after North & South aired in 2004. But this openly celebrated support and collective awe was – in my understanding – a thing he worked for (and craved) for a long, long time. The Moon / Pluto placement of his horoscope was one of my points-in-time for rectifying his birthtime — this break-through success came when his journey around his “horoscope clock” would be in this exact spot. his wandering “age point” made a harmonious aspect to his natal Pluto and transiting Jupiter hit his natal Uranus/Chiron/MC opposition – sudden (Uranus) good luck (Jupiter) in his career (MC) with a “healing” effect (Chiron). His Moon was equally aspected during this time by transiting Neptune (Inspiration) on his North Node (our life’s goal).

So it is up to us to reflect upon ourselves from time to time and keep our “hounds of hell” on a short leash — although someone with a natal Moon-Pluto conjunction like Mr. A would be used to the feeling that he simply wouldn’t matter unless he gave his very best, and then still: would he really be truly appreciated? In combination with denying one’s emotionality this pattern often leads to extreme workaholism and a life organized to the minute … as in “I would squeeze the cello in the half hour before I go to bed.”

If you’ve ever read Patrick Süskind’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, you’ve met the Moon-Pluto-extreme: someone desperate for love and recognition. So desperate that he’d kill for it and won’t even mind losing his own life when he finally succeeds, because the townsfolk eating him alive, to him, would be the ultimate proof that they really love him.

Why Richard Armitage IS Francis Dolarhyde

Now we’re ready to understand why Richard Armitage took on the role of Francis Dolarhyde. Though, first things first: I simply couldn’t resist photoshopping two of my dogs into hannibalistic understudies.

As Richard Armitage stated of late in an interview, “I’m not really into fairytales and happy endings. I think it’s why I die a lot on screen and only got married once.” I would like to expand on that: as I’m a natural-born dreamer (Venus square Neptune) I recognize a fellow when I see one (Mr. A shares the same aspect). It is just that he simply doesn’t believe that he is worth a happy fairytale ending (at least as of yet). His dreams, however, are big (Neptune conjunct Jupiter) — maybe too big to share them with anyone.

On entering the eighth house of his horoscope on his forty-second birthday (2013), he arrived at a period of six years in his life in which he will have to deal with themes of life and death and sex and power issues. As Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and the 8th house the cusp of this house falls into the sign of Scorpio, Armitage is likely to meet and work with a lot of scorpionic and plutonic people. In fact, as he entered Scorpio on his journey around his horoscope-clock, roughly around his fortieth birthday (as I hypothesize) the “Scorpios” would start to come forth from that point on. The first was Peter Jackson (a Scorpio) followed by Crucible director Yael Farber, who has a “Hades-Moon” in Scorpio (if her date of birth, which I’ve found after some digging on the web, is correct), and now he’s about to work together on Hannibal with Mads Mikkelsen, the personification of the Scorpio-theme: a Scorpio with a Hades-Moon in Scorpio as well. As a side note: Jodie Foster, who played FBI agent Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs (1991), has a Hades-Moon in Virgo just like Mr. A. And just like him, she has almost always played “dark” roles. Yet as a Scorpio, Jodie Foster’s choices were still darker than his.

Back to Dolarhyde: If we read Red Dragon the events leading Dolarhyde’s evil side first to develop and then to take over his psyche are explained well enough and — of course — the ultimate core theme of the Hades-Moon can be found there (doubled through mother and grandmother in this case).

The “mother issues” of the Hades-Moon can fall on the bad side or, there can simply be an unusually and intensely strong bond between mother and child. Armitage’s mother is known to have been very supportive of his vocational aspirations from the very beginning. Almost always some kind of life-endangering encounter occurs in the early years of the individual, be it from a difficult birth, or other near-death experiences. Mr. A’s often expressed fear of water/drowning because of an early childhood accident comes to mind. In my case, I almost died at the age of two, because my mother chose a bad time for my measles vaccination (which was done with live virus then) and I almost drowned at age 10 (while my gran was helplessly watching from afar) because of a sudden exhaustion / cramp while swimming in deep water. While there is absolutely no indication that Mr. A was abused as a child, a certain undertone of emotional struggle is there — everyone who has read / heard some of his interviews must have noticed comments like “of course we wouldn’t talk about such things (as a profession in the arts) at home.”

In Mr. A’s horoscope there is not only the Hades-Moon which points to mother issues, but also a Sun square Neptune (our dreams) and Sun quindecile Mars (our actions). And this is the point where the father enters the picture. The Sun represents our father’s influence on us, and these two aspects are not smooth and friendly, but challenging ones. The actions of the child may not have been approved by the father through the Mars aspect and through the Neptune aspect there might have been quite some difficulties in understanding and/or accepting the child’s dreams and “soft side.” So this arrow strikes home, I think. When asked on the press tour of Into the Storm who he’d save if he ever encountered a situation like the one in the movie, he answered without hesitation “My mum,” and added, “Or if I had a dog, I’d probably save him.” Now at this point, let us assume he’s just sure, that his dad would be perfectly capable of rescuing himself.

No one chooses to become an actor by accident. Roleplaying “family constellations” are a big part in today’s psychological therapy. So there may have been a deep urge to explore methods of expressing oneself and understanding psychological mechanisms in the safe environment of a stage or a film set — instead of lurking in the dark and killing people in their sleep in reality.

In playing (and dying) as Thorin and Proctor, Armitage seems to have reconnected with an emotional side he’d buried deep inside (poetically spoken: “a well of unshed tears”) – or he wouldn’t have set up a memorial for his dead character on the scene and clearly confess to lots of tears / emotional turmoil after his last take. On playing Proctor, he stated “I shed so many tears during those 12 weeks, I sometimes felt like I had nothing left.”

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” (Mark Twain)

Those with a Pluto-Moon conjunction in their horoscope can normally keep intruders out of their personal lives. They can wear Pluto’s helmet of invisibility or he’ll assist to “mask” them in another way. In a way, it’s perfect for an actor. So it’s easy to fool others with it. But at the end of the day, you’ll always have to face your naked self in the mirror.

The “lunar-food and healing” for the Hades-Moon in Virgo, according to Judy Hall’s book would be:

This Hades-Moon needs recognition and reward […] an appreciation for all that Virgo Moon so quietly performs for others is solicited, but Virgo is too modest and self-deprecating (or too falsely humble) to ask for this directly. […] Healing lies in developing the ability to accept oneself as perfect as one is now. To allow into consciousness the totality of feelings and emotions and embrace them all as acceptable and right. The Virgoan capacity for analysis may be turned inward to help in this process, but only if this is accompanied by loving acceptance, not criticism.

So for everyone out there who fears that Mr. A might lose his “light” in the process of becoming Francis Dolarhyde: to me it looks like he might be able to solve some (maybe unconscious) issues from the past with this role for himself. If he does so, he will rise like a phoenix out of it, ready for new and completely different roles as he is about to set foot in the energetic and curious sign of Sagittarius. Well, maybe there’s a real big martial arts movie already lined up. as he will stay in the dreamy, inspirational sign of Pisces for the next 5 years.

So — if my theory is true — and if I’m really unlucky, now there’s a whole bunch of people out there, their Pluto square to my Moon and enraged because I dared to dissect a “wholly holy” topic (pun intended). Of course I am really curious to hear from anyone who checked her horoscope and might confirm my thoughts on the “moonstruck”-fandom of Mr. A.

For those ones who are about to check this on www.astro.com: his Moon (I hypothesize) is on 20° 12° in Virgo, so if your Pluto would be between 10° – 14° degrees in Virgo, the conjunction would be felt strongest. Lesser but still recognizable in a wider orb, lets say from 8° – 16° degrees. Pluto moves back and forth a lot during this time, so you’re no automatically “nearer” if your birthdate falls right in the middle of the years mentioned! And of course, this is just one aspect in an ocean of possible other strong interaspects.

Try to be kind. If astrology is still just not your cup of tea, I hear you. But everyone has to deal with overwhelming feelings in his own way – mine always will be the light of the stars and the scalpel of the word. So to lighten up the collective mood a bit, if necessary, I’d like to end this with the last song of the amazing movie Harold & Maude (1971):

Well, if you want to sing out, sing out
And if you want to be free, be free
‘Cause there’s a million things to be
You know that there are …
(Yusuf aka Cat Stevens)

As I know now, Mr. A has to “deal” not only with this “Hades-Moon” of his, but also with Chiron (the wounded healer) on his Midheaven – both connected to his North Node (our life’s goal). Forming an aspect that is called a “Yod” or “The Finger of God”. I’ve made further explanations on this in my “Richard’s chemistry with …” musings “… The Witches of Erebor” and “… Bloggers & how they support his life’s goal
For those also interested in Richard III – here are my latest musings about the astrological connection between Richard & Richard

Edit from august 31, 2015:
the newest issue of “Fangoria” is out – with a very interesting interview with Richard about how he sees the character of Francis. Interestingly, I’ve found quite some points of my own article about their “connection” reflected in there:


“Arctic Lioness” put the whole interview on her tumblr -> here

And my final musings about Richard as Francis are here:
Now that the Dragon spread his wings one last time … what is Richard Armitage becoming?


Richard Armitage’s chemistry with … Richard III

Choosing a name for one’s children is a difficult task. A name holds power. Some would go with tradition, some search for a completely unique one, some might even get into heated discussions about “the right one” with their spouse or relatives. In Richard’s case the decision that was already made (“I might have been called Russell”) was altered because his actual birthdate was related to King Richard III.

From a radio interview with Rick Astley from MagicFM on april 7, 2013:
“I’m actually named after him because I was born on the 22nd of August, which is the day that he died on Bosworth Field, so my father was interested in him, so I always grew up a little bit angry at my dad for naming me after a hunchback monster. But then he explained to me that he was just a, perhaps, a misinterpreted king so that’s something that’s become a passion of mine as well.”
Asked if he was planning to do a film about Richard III he answered: “Um… I wish. No, I’m not doing a film about Richard III, but it’s something which is, it’s an interest, it’s a passion of mine and obviously they’ve recently discovered his burial place and they’ve done a facial reconstruction. Um … it’s an on-going project that may or may not come to fruition, but it doesn’t, you know, bend my, sway my interest in it.”

As my astrological curiosity in what triggers such “on-going interest” never ceases – and today’s the day – here are my, slightly lengthier than usual, “chemistry” musings about:

Richard Armitage and Richard III
Ok – royalty first: now this may come as a surprise to some, but Richard III’s birthday on october 2, 1452 (as well as his deathday on august 22, 1485) conforms to the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar, which is today internationally the most widely used. So, to draw up his horoscope the “Old Style” date needs to be converted, so his deathday – in our calendar – would be in fact august 31, 1485. His time of birth is given on astro.com with “Rodden rating: C” which stands for “caution, no source known”. I found a very interesting article from an experienced british astrologer who did a lot of research about Richard III. In his opinion this time of birth, which would give him a Scorpio Ascendant (not the best liked in mediaeval times) is rather questionable.


In my opinion Scorpio rising might indeed be right, but I can also relate to his conclusion, that it might have been Virgo rising – but we will never know, so I’ll settle for “high noon” as one does, when there is no known time of birth: Richard III’s Sun is in airy, even-handed Libra and his Moon possibly in strongminded Taurus (shortly after noon it would change to Gemini, which I really couldn’t picture).

One thing that is striking is the conjunction of Sun & Saturn. Sun is our willpower and Saturn stands for restrictions, rules, stability. In medical astrology, the Sun stands for the heart, but also for the spine – so this combination of Sun & Saturn could indeed point to his physical restrictions. In general, Saturn would put a real damper on this Libra Sun’s “airiness”. This is a serious “nothing in life is for free” aspect, that makes you work hard and even then, success is often not easily achieved. This is heightened by his Mars (in Aries “the warrior”) opposite this Sun & Saturn pairing as it indicates that your life might actually resemble a “battlefield” most of the time and there’s a severe conflict between your desires and your sense of responsibility.

And there is a second powerful triangle aspect between Moon and Venus (opposite each other) with both making a square aspect to Jupiter. Jupiter always acts as an amplifier – and in this case, he enhances a tendency to feel unloved, followed by a hunger for affection and an imbalance between personal needs and social relationships. The “misinterpreted king”, indeed.

Another force, that links Sun and Moon by a Quintile, is Pluto. Pluto in Leo has an enormous energy potential and this could provide transforming healing powers to both “parties” … but as “Will” and “Soul” are not connected directly, it still feels like taking a detour. As if all of this wasn’t enough: Richard III’s Chiron – his wounded healer – is conjunct his South Node (his past/childhood/past life) – so there is both pain and knowledge of healing – he should have the ability to “heal himself”, but the process is never easy.

So – all in all – no matter in what houses all these aspects manifest – this might be the description of a man, who was fighting against himself most of his life. Of course there are some positive aspects among all those “high voltage” one’s – the strongest include Mercury – the planet of communication. So I can see a warrior and certainly someone you’d better not cross (I have an Aries Mars myself 😉 ) but not a ruthless villain. But since this image (and until recently also his body) was cemented over 500 years, it might not change anytime soon. Even “Shrek’s” evil Lord Farquaard and Guy of Gisborne feature the “Richard III”-bad-boy-look.


Cue “Guy of Gisborne” – now let’s see, which points of Richard III’s chart make important aspects to Richard Armitage’s:

There are indeed some aspects that might point to a karmic or fated relationship. First: Richard’s Vertex Axis – the Ascendant of the soul / our essential self – aligns with Richard III’s Nodal Axis and his Chiron. The Vertex also plays an important part in our creativity, so the life purpose of the Node-person – and in this case also his painful experiences! – are likely to be a strong inspiration for the Vertex-person.

The King’s “warrior Mars” conjuncts Richard’s midheaven (the house of public status, vocation and career) and Chiron – a very energizing aspect! With all Chiron contacts comes a sense of healing and deliverance like: “this person is in my life to make me whole again” which goes both ways! So maybe Richard will (or should?) indeed retell this misunderstood king’s story at some point … Richard III’s Pluto on his Ascendant adds to this possibility: as the Pluto-person can have a strong spiritual, transformative effect on the Ascendant persons basic consciousness and self-awareness.

So – many happy returns for Richard “the living” today and a peaceful rest (and possible future redemption) to Richard “the dead” 🙂


Richard Armitage’s chemistry with … Bloggers & how they support his life’s goal

No one knows if Mr A is really aware of the impressive amount of people blogging almost on a daily basis about him, nor if he ever reads some of the funny, encouraging, serious, oh and not to forget the NSFW-stuff 😉

Not many people are able to openly communicate feelings they have towards, or because of another person in front of – literally – the whole world. To express their support and care for that person’s actions, create artwork inspired through a ‘mere’ virtual connection – which is nevertheless obviously felt very strongly.

It’s already been over half a year now, that I’m seriously musing about WHAT forces are working ‘behind the scenes’ here. Some bloggers might not even feel comfortable if they knew for sure, that Mr A was indeed an avid reader of their blog. So, why are we doing this?

I’ve tried to explain my own involvement in “The Witches of Erebor“. On the quest for a common thread that connects so many to his work & wellbeing, I’ve now asked bloggers if they would like to participate in this 4th part of my astrological “Richard’s chemistry with …” series. As I only know these 5 participants “online” and never exchanged a single actually spoken word with any of them, this whole thing really is a bit of an experiment for all parties. Please feel free to comment as honestly as possible – I’m trying to learn from this too (and I really hope that there will be not too many misspellings or bad grammar due to the german brain working behind all this) 😉

OK off we go! Appearance in alphabetical order:

Richard Armitage & Fedoralady from “the armitage effect”
Fedoralady is a “double”-Libra with her Sun and Ascendant in this airy sign. Her Moon is in the still waters of Scorpio, which run deep.
The most striking aspect here is Richard’s Pluto conjunct her Sun – and as her Sun is in her 12th house this strong, mesmerizing attraction has also a somewhat “otherworldly” quality, as if he has a window into her soul. In fact as her Pluto is “moonstruck” because it is conjunct Richard’s Moon, she is experiencing a sort of double-obession. Pluto aspects to the most important personal planets create quite a lasting impact! So it’s no surprise that the subtitle of her blog is “Exploring the impact of a certain Brit actor”. But impact to and fro – why blog about it? Due to Feodoralady’s Mercury & Venus conjunction in the 1st house communication is an important part of her life. This is emphasized by an harmonious aspect from this to her Jupiter in the 3rd house of media & communication. And this is where Richard comes into the picture: his Vertex is spot on her Jupiter. The Vertex is sometimes called our “Ascendant of the Soul” and when it connects to planets in anothers chart they are really stimulated and this might not go away anytime soon 😉

Richard Armitage & Guylty from “GuyltyPleasure”
Guylty is a Scorpio, with a fiery emotional Leo Moon and an Ascendant in airy Gemini. Both their Suns are connected by a Quintile – which is a very creative and energizing aspect. Her Mars (one of the indicators what type of guy one would go for) forms an harmonious aspect to Richards Pluto – well, lets just say this is some sort of really hot “ooof” aspect 😉 Both their Moons make (in a slightly wider orb, but obviously recognizable) conjunctions to an important point in the others chart: Richard’s to her South Node (which is a strong romantic aspect, that even hints to a karmic past-life-connection) and Guylty’s Moon to his Ascendant. In this case, the Moon person feels so attracted to and safe with the Ascendant person, that expressing her feelings comes really easy. I was curious what aspect might be the cause for her enourmous creative output in the form of all those wonderful little RAPS (Richard Armitage Pocket Shrines). The first glance at her chart told me, that she truly had a “packed” 5th house. This is the place for romance & creativity and on the cusp of this house I found Richard’s Mercury and Moon – so how he expresses his emotional side triggers her imagination and subsequently these exquisite little artisanal masterpieces 😉

Richard Armitage & Jazzbaby1 from “FunkyBlueDandelion”
Jazzbaby1 is an airy Libra , with an earthy Capricorn Moon and an Ascendant in deep Scorpio-nic waters. The intriguing aspect about her for me was, that although she started blogging due to encouragement from other RA-bloggers, her blog was mainly about music at first. As she has a natal Sun conjunct Uranus – personal freedom is highly important for her. One doesn’t like to “float with the current” and follow rules, but his very personal individual path, so she is in her own words blogging “about anything BUT Richard Armitage. Yeah, right.” 😉 As she has her South Node connected to that conjunction in her 12th house (the area of our subconscious) she still needs to develop her past-life-theme in this life to finally realize it in her North Node area – the 6th house: work and every day life. Now her North Node connects with Richard’s Chiron and witnessing HIS struggles in realizing goals, is helping her on her own way in return. She has a similar aspect as Fedoralady: Mercury & Venus in her first house, while her Moon is in her 3rd – so communication is also a strong theme here. A woman’s Mars aspecting a partner’s Moon is a male/female principle reverse thing, that feels rather intriguing. So as Richards Moon and Mercury conjunct her Mars (in her 11th house of hopes & wishes and social groups), his voice and emotional expression are likely to kick her “into gear” to act in this field. 🙂

Richard Armitage & JHolland from “preoccupiedwitharmitage”
JHolland has one of the strongest natal “stelliums” in her chart, that I’ve ever seen: her Sun, Moon, Mars and Neptune are all conjunct in Sagittarius and all of this additionally close the her Ascendant. Like WOW. This is willpower, feelings, dreams and actions as one in a strong fiery sign. This is a person that does not do things by half but wholeheartedly and full throttle. In the “About” section on her blog she states that “when I discover something I… shall we say… enjoy, I immerse myself completely.” She also states that she “has never been in a fandom before”. So why did that change in 2014 from the moment she heard John Thornton shout “Stevens!” ? Richard’s Vertex, his ascendant of the soul, exactly hits this stellium of hers. While her Venus conjuncts his Mars & North Node and her Saturn his South Node – this is karma in action! The “impact” of all of this is like a lightning from outer space and really an earthshattering experience. Her Venus & Saturn oppose each other on the axis between the 3rd (communication) and the 9th (spiritual growth) house. The subtitle of her blog is “in which I indulge myself in my Richard problem” – so by exploring this strange fascination and voicing her feelings on her blog, she really tries to make sense of them and by this enrich her life. 🙂

Richard Armitage & KellyDS from “Nowhere in Particular RA”
KellyDS has an airy Aquarius Sun, a Scorpio Moon and an Ascendant in earthy Virgo. The Ascendant (or cusp of the 1st house) is the point where we begin our journey in this life and as Richard’s Moon and Mercury exactly hit this spot in her chart it’s no wonder that she states on her blog, that – encountering for the first time in “The Hobbit” – she felt like Bilbo, racing through the village and exclaiming “I’m going on an adventure!” when she started blogging. Since her Sun ist spot on Richard’s Mars and North Node in Aquarius it is also no surprise that she “was drawn to the physicality in his acting”. His Saturn on her South Node gives a karmic note to all of this (I’ve experienced this myself 30 years ago, with a person I’m still thinking about from time to time – one look into his eyes and I was a goner back then…). To top all of this: her Vertex is conjunct the cusp of his 7th house of relationships. This aspect simply forces you to start a relationship and to form a somewhat soul-connection to that person. As Aquarius in the 7th house is all about “unusual” partnerships, blogging about somebody one has never met in person and dedicating quite some feelings, time and energy to the process, certainly fits right in 😉

When people feel strongly about another person and they consult an astrologer because of it, their first question usually is “does he/she feels the same about me?”.

A lot of “well wishers” who met Richard “in the flesh” stated that they really felt him tune in to them for a brief moment. Of course he did. All the above mentioned astrological connections are no one-way road. With the personal planets, the Nodes of the Moon and angles like the Ascendant or the Vertex involved, there is a “hey, you intrigue me” spark in each meeting. Those fans wouldn’t be standing there and wanting to meet him in the first place, if they hadn’t one of those aspects.

For Richard it is of course rather impossible to explore any of these feelings further in such situations, but as his Moon (emotional core), North Node (life’s goal) and Mars (action) are connected to Chiron, his “wounded healer” on his MC in a triangular aspect pattern that is called a Yod (aka “The Finger of God”) – interactions with people who are aspecting one of these planets/points are of an emotional healing nature for both parties. (More on his Chiron/MC aspect in “The Witches of Erebor“.) As I see it, it is really vital for him to “feed” on all that love, energy and support not only virtual but by really connecting with people. From what one can read from bloggers or fans who met him especially at the Crucible’s stage door, there might have been some moments of real enlightenment.

As explained in “The Witches of Erebor” transiting Uranus (the “Awakener” that brings sudden changes, shock and all things unexpected) was connecting to his Chiron/MC for the whole run of “The Crucible”. So everyone who has a strong aspect to his Chiron (among all the fan-data I’ve collected so far, there are a lot!) would’ve experienced a sort of awakening during that time and by meeting him there (depending on the nature of the planet involved in their own chart).

As Uranus is also the natural ruler of Aquarius, there was also a special emphasize during this time for Richard on “how must I act to reach my life’s goal” – as it is all about connecting with people and to form relationships, that will somehow support a “greater cause” or have a strong humanitarian aspect (North Node conjunct Mars in Aquarius in his 7th house). This is not coincidentally the same theme as Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” itself has, and I’m going to expand on that in the upcoming essay “The Karmic Cycle of the Crucible” (the link points to a sort of prologue).

I do think, that during times when he’s not able to meet fans for real, he really reads tweets and in some of the blogs to get that (much needed) emotional feedback. His Moon in his 2nd house is the apex planet in his Yod. The 2nd house is about values, talent, resources, possessions and all sorts of pleasure. So the Moon placed here really craves emotional support until he learns to develop own feelings of self-worth (which would be a lifelong mission with the Moon involved in a Yod like this). He literally values the support directed at him as a treasured ‘possession’ and he constantly fears of getting in debt (monetarian as well as emotional). On a lighter note: another aspect of the Moon here is incidentally that one can be a real “foodie” 😉

So while Chiron and his North Node & Mars at the Yod’s base are connected in a harmonious sextile aspect, they are linked to his Moon by two Quincunx’. I’ve described that energy before: this is not a stable connection, it is shifting and constantly re-connecting, so with a Yod like this, one will have, especially during one’s youth, some hard times to discover how one’s emotional needs might align with the profession/public status one wants to achieve (vulnerable Chiron on the MC) one the one hand and relationships of any kind (North Node/Mars in “human condition” Aquarius in the 7th house) on the other.

So all I’m saying is: keep on blogging! It is for a greater cause 🙂

Edit on august 22: Part 2 is up here!