When Neptune meets Saturn … Diamonds & Rust

Well I’ll be damned
Here comes your ghost again
But that’s not unusual
It’s just that the moon is full

(Joan Baez • Diamonds and Rust)

Long time no post … but the first full moon of the new year seems to be a good time to come out of the silence.

My own personal dance of Neptune & Saturn is again in full swing. Transformation of ‘what was’ into ‘what can be’ has been set into motion about three weeks ago. Neptune adds enough vagueness to give Saturn time to muse about realities. I have changed during the last half year under their influence. My sister told me some days ago, my new years chakra theme will be the indigo or 5th chakra … so ‘enlightenment’ is kind of in sight. And that’s how it feels like. Whether I’ll discover diamonds or rust. I’m in love and he ‘who is so good with words and at keeping things vague’ is ‘in love too, maybe on another plane, but as deeply’ … not the worst way to head into a new year.

Ramused went to see ‘Love, Love, Love’ in NYC and sent me a spare keychain she had obtained, which arrived two days prior to christmas.
So ‘Love, Love, Love’ for all of you out there for 2017, despite all that shit swirling around the planet at the moment.


Some foggy notions on Mercury’s current retrograde …

A lot of things didn’t happen according to plan during this Mercury retrograde period (which is about to end on May 23rd). A lot of things did. And although it felt like a good time for deeper understanding, words are still eluding me.

While on an emotional level … do you know the feeling, when you don’t want to but – for multiple reasons – simply have to leave a certain place and person at a given point? It doesn’t matter that you know, you’ll be back in a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter that reason tells you that it is probably even for the better, just the way it is.

Because: it just doesn’t FEEL like it. So in a way you’re happy and sad at the same time. And a bit confused. Or a lot. As your brain seems to consist only of foggy notions, it’s hard to tell. In any event – it took me almost five days to start writing about it. Well at least sort of writing about it. 😉

Let’s see what happens when Mercury stations direct on may 23rd … I suspect that in the meantime I’ll find me listening to this a lot:
The Velvet Underground / Foggy Notion


Everything goes better with music – or: a musical german “first aid kit” for Richard Armitage

I really hope “Berlin Station” writer Olen Steinhauer will include bits of German into the script.
Richard’s Russian in Spooks sounded pretty good to me, but I was a little less convinced from his French in “The Impressionists” and in the Heyer audiobooks. So if he is to say some lines in German, maybe he should follow Mad’s example “… after a couple of beers I speak it pretty good” 😉

In any event I hope everyone has learned from probably the worst German movie line fail ever: Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in “Die Hard” when he commands “Schiess’ dem Fenster!”

To get this straight: you could say “Schiess dem Fenster in’s Glas” (Shoot into the window’s glass – which nobody would say ever), so the only correct alternatives are “Schiess auf das Fenster” or “Zerschiess’ das Fenster” or “Schiess das Fenster kaputt”. While in English noun articles are a/an or the, in German this is more complicated because the correct article depends on if the noun is male, female or neutral. So in German “a man / the man” would be “ein Mann / der Mann”, but “a woman / the woman” is “eine Frau / die Frau” and to finally return to Gruber’s shitty line “a window / the window” would be “ein Fenster / das Fenster”. To make it still more complicated, you’ll also have to decline the articles in German …
So a sentence in which you could use “dem” (dative) – and which makes sense – would go like this “Schiess’ dem Mann ins Bein” (“Shoot the guy’s leg”) and to completely mess with your brains out there, in case it’s a woman’s leg it would be “Schiess der Frau ins Bein”. 😉

An old German saying is: Mit Musik geht alles besser – Everything goes better with music. People who are stuttering when speaking are “cured” when singing and I found that it is easier to pronounce foreign words when trying to “parrot” singers. I’ve just started to re-new my piano skills from 30 years ago – and it was kind of creepy, that I instantly remembered tunes I’ve last played as a kid of 10 years.

So – for anyone who wants to get into a “German mood” here are samples from various German Bands who all sound very different and although actually nobody speaks like Till Lindemann from Rammstein, Jan Delay or Max Raabe in real life I’ve added them for “flavour” 😉
2Raumwohnung (meaning: 2roomflat) “36 Grad”
A wonderful “summer in the city” song à la “Buena Vista Social Club” – 36 degrees celsius are 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peter Fox “Fieber”
In Peter’s music there are lots of oriental sounds, which are really typical for Berlin Kreuzberg. “Meine Stadt hat Fieber” means “My city has a fever” so this is his take on summer in Berlin 😉

Lisa Bassenge “Nur fort”
Lisa is singing about leaving town together with her love head over heels and drinking tea with crocodiles. Saw her and her great Jazz Combo live 2 years ago – they’re really good.

Annett Louisan “Das Spiel”
This song is from a woman who likes to “put it about” – “ich will doch nur spielen” means “I only want to play” – so in the song she tries to apologize to her latest fling, because she realized too late, that for him their affair was dead serious, while she “only wanted to play”.

Die Ärzte (meaning: The Doctors) “Junge”
Die Ärzte were popular in the 80s and still have a huge following in Germany. This song is from concerned parents giving tips to their boy (“Junge”) how he should lead his live to please them. They are complaining about his friends and the music (referred to as “Lärm” which just means “noise”) he’s listening to and thus reducing him to a “walking dead” in the video 😉

Ideal “Blaue Augen”
A song about someone’s blue eyes “Doch deine blauen Augen machen mich so sentimental, so blaue Augen wenn du mich so anschaust wird mir alles andere egal, total egal.”
“Your blue eyes are making me sentimental, such blue eyes, when you’re looking at me I don’t care for anything else any more.”

Rammstein “Engel”
Rammstein are explaining here that it’s no fun to be an angel “They have to cling to stars to not fall from the skies … god knows I don’t want to be an angel”. Their live shows are famous for excellent pyrotechnics, this one is a really nice example.

Sportfreunde Stiller “Ein Kompliment”
This song is just a wonderful declaration of love: Ich wollte Dir nur mal eben sagen, dass Du das Grösste für mich bist. “I just wanted to tell you that you are the greatest for me.”

Die fantastischen Vier “MfG”
“Fanta 4” are a very successful german “fun” hip hop act. This is a song about the many abbreviations used in Germany “MfG” is used at the end of a letter meaning something like “Best regards”.

Jan Delay “Sie kann nicht tanzen”
Hilarious vid full of famous dance scenes. Jan is praising his new love’s looks but then there’s one problem: she can’t dance 😉

Rosenstolz (meaning Roses’pride) “Lass’ es Liebe sein”
“Leave everything behind, start from the beginning, because love is everything” … trivia: the couples making love in the video to this wonderful song are real, therefore it is banned in some countries, so you might have to agree that you are aware of “probably offensive content” before watching.

Max Raabe “Für Frauen ist das kein Problem”
In which Max admires women’s multitasking abilities 😉

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Sunday songs from my favorite German voice: Max Raabe

Anyone who says that German sounds just awful hasn’t listened to Max Raabe’s velvety voice! He is in fact a legitimate opera singer (bariton), but chose to sing slightly different songs (and often in head voice) 😉
Some may know the 20s orchestra “Comedian Harmonists” – Max founded the Berlin “Palast Orchester” in 1986 and they’re mostly performing in their fashion – i.e. (not always very serious) chansons and songs in the style of the 20s and 30s (and he also covered a lot of “Comedian Harmonists” songs) – perfect for a lazy sunday morning and a big cup of coffee!

I’ve tried to translate the text, so there’s no excuse to skip these songs 😉

Küssen kann man nicht alleine You cannot kiss alone

Alles krieg’ ich alleine hin I’m managing everything on my own
Ihr staunt wozu ich fähig bin you’d be amazed of what I’m capable of
und weil mich keiner besser kennt and because no one knows me better than I
bin ich selbst mein Assistent. I’m my own assistant.

Halt meine eignen Pokerrund’n Playing Poker with myself
Psychoanalysestund’n being my own shrink
trag’ mir selbst Gedichte vor reading poems to myself
sing mit mir im Doppelchor singing a duet with me
besiege mich bei Schachpartien beating myself at chess
hab’ mir das meiste selbst verzieh’n have pardoned myself for most mishaps
kann für mich eine Lanze brechen strike a blow for myself
mich im Zweifel auch bestechen and when in doubt I’ll bribe myself

reich mir selbst den Staffel-Stab pass myself the baton
und nehm’ mir auch die Beichte ab and hear my own confession
doch gibts nen Punkt an dem ich scheiter’ but there’s a point at which I fail
da kämen auch andere nicht weiter and others would fail there too

Küssen, kann man nicht alleine you cannot kiss alone
und ich sag Dir auch den Grund: and I’ll tell you why
Küssen das geht auf keinen Fall alleine you just can’t kiss on your own
Denn dazu brauch ich einen anderen Mund because you’ll need a second pair of lips

Allein ist das unmöglich Alone this is impossible
ich weiß genau das geht nicht I know I won’t manage that
Versuche enden kläglich attempts are just pathetic
das ist nur vertane Zeit this is wasted time
ich müsste mal agieren I should get myself together
und endlich kapieren and finally realise
da hilft kein meditieren meditating about it won’t help
küssen kann man nur zu zweit you can only kiss two by two
ich wär’ dazu bereit I’m ready for it

Ich habe mich sehr gut im Griff I’m in control of myself
bin mein Kapitän und mein Schiff I’m my own captain and my own ship
gerat’ ich auch mal in die Miesen even if I get into debts
führ’ ich mich aus allen Krisen I’ll conquer any crisis
spionier’ mich selber aus I’ll spy on myself
stell mich ein und schmeiß mich raus engage and dismiss myself
ich fahr mir hinten rein I’m crashing into my own bumper
hau mir danach aufs Nasenbein and hit myself on the nose for it afterwards

Ich les’ mir aus der Hand I’m reading my own palm
und klatsch mich an die Wand and ram my head against the wall
ich lach’ mich aus und lüg’ mich an I’m laughing at and deceive myself
das ist es was ich sehr gut kann that’s what I’m truly excelling at

Nur: Küssen, kann ich nicht alleine Only: you cannot kiss alone
und ich sag Dir auch den Grund: and I’ll tell you why
Küssen das geht auf keinen Fall alleine you just can’t kiss on your own
Denn dazu brauch ich einen anderen Mund because you’ll need a second pair of lips

Du bist gerade hier You are here with me right now
wie wär’s wenn ich mir Dir how about we two
die Sache mal probier’ try to check this out
küssen kann man nur zu zweit you can only kiss two by two
ich glaub das du Bescheid weißt I think you’ll know about it
Die Lösung klappt zu zweit meist as a pair we might succeed
wenn man sich auf die Couch schmeißt let’s crash on that couch
ist der Weg zum Kuss nicht weit then kissing might follow easily
ich wär’ dazu bereit I’m ready for it

Du passt auf mich auf You’re taking care of me

Ich will nicht bleiben und dann bleib ich doch I don’t want to stay, but then I do
nicht übertreiben, übertreibe doch! don’t want to exaggerate, but then I do!
ich will nichts trinken und dann trink’ ich doch I don’t want to drink, but then I do
und noch, und noch, und noch and more, and more, and more
ich will nicht lügen und dann lüg’ ich doch I don’t want to lie, but then I do
mich nicht verlieben und verlieb’ mich doch don’t want to fall in love, but then I do
will keine Krisen und ich krieg’ sie doch don’t want any crisis, but here it comes
und noch, und noch, und noch and more, and more, and more

und du passt auf mich auf and you’re taking care of me
du passt auf, dass ich nicht noch im gulli lande!
you’re making sure that I won’t end up in the gutter!

ich soll mehr schlafen, doch ich schlafe nicht! I should sleep more, but I don’t!
ich soll mehr schaffen, doch ich schaff’ das nicht! I should be more productive, but I can’t!
so richtig brav war ich schon wieder nicht! Been a bad boy again!
ich nicht, ich nicht, ich nicht! not me, not me, not me!
schlechte laune macht das leben schwer! a bad mood makes life worse!
ich tanz’ nach vorn und nicht hinterher! I’m dancing forward, not backwards
und fragt mich einer, ruf ich, ich will mehr and if someone’s asking, I’ll shout out: I want more!
und noch, und noch, und noch and more, and more, and more

und du passt auf mich auf and you’re taking care of me
du passt auf, dass ich nicht noch im gulli lande!
you’re making sure that I won’t end up in the gutter!

ohne dich wär’ mein konto längst schon leer without you my bank account would be blank
und die polizei hinter mir her and the cops would be after me
ich hätt’ mich überall blamiert I would have made a fool out of myself
lass’ mich lieber nicht allein! don’t leave me!
ich zieh am besten bei dir ein! I’ll better move in with you
damit mir nichts passiert! so I’ll be safe!

denn du passt auf mich auf for you’re taking care of me
du passt auf, dass ich mich nicht im wald verlauf’!
you’re making sure that I won’t get lost in the forest!

Ich bin nur wegen Dir hier I’m only here because of you

Ich bin nicht hier wegen Mama I’m not here for mum
nicht hier wegen Papa nor for dad
und nicht wegen Onkel Udo bin ich hier. and not for uncle Udo.

Der Bürgermeister von Berlin, Nor the mayor of Berlin,
Prinzessin Carolin sind nicht der Grund warum ich heute hier erschien.
or princess Caroline are the reason why I’m here today.

Sieh da der Jauch Well look, it’s Jauch
den kenn’ ich auch I know him too
und Jörg und Schmidt, Brad Pitt und Karl und Armin Müller-Stahl.
and Jörg, and Schmidt, Brad Pitt and Karl and Armin-Müller-Stahl.
Alle wollen mich begrüßen und kommen auf mich zu.
They’re all coming up to greet me
Heut liegt mir die Welt zu Füßen, doch da stehst du
today the world’s my oyster, but then there is you.

Ich bin nur wegen dir hier. I’m only here because of you.
Wegen dir bin ich hier. Because of you, I’m here.
Nur wegen dir hier. Only because of you.
Wegen dir bin ich hier. Because of you, I’m here.

Der Präsident, der mich schon länger kennt The president who knows me for a while now,
auch wegen Grass und Lars von Trier bin ich nicht hier. and I’m also not here for Grass or Lars von Trier.
Zoodirektor mit Knut, die Queen mit Hut. The zoo director with Knut, the queen with a hat.
Wie ich seh’ steht der Papst mit dem Dalai-Lama am Buffet.
And at the buffet I spot the pope and the Dalai-Lama having a chat.

Alle Damen wollen tanzen, die Herrn prosten mir zu.
All of the ladies want to dance, the gents are raising their glasses to me.
Das ist schon sehr schön im Ganzen, doch da stehst du
That’s pretty neat all in all, but then there’s you.

Ich bin nur wegen dir hier. I’m only here because of you.
Wegen dir bin ich hier. Because of you, I’m here.
Nur wegen dir hier. Only because of you.
Mhmmmhmhmhmhmm Mhmmmhmhmhmhmm

Ich hab für Mitternacht ein Feuerwerk bestellt I’ve ordered fireworks for midnight
dann sind die draußen wir sind drin then we’ll be inside on our own.
Denn ich weiß genau was dir und mir gefällt For I know for sure what we like best
kriegen wir alleine hin. we’ll manage on our own.

Ich bin nur wegen dir hier. I’m only here because of you.
Wegen dir bin ich hier. Because of you, I’m here.
Nur wegen dir hier. Only because of you.
Mhmmmhmhmhmhmm Mhmmmhmhmhmhmm

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Berlin … Remembrance of Things Past

When I saw Olen Steinhauer’s tweet with a pic from a Berlin café a couple of days ago, something in me snapped.

It’s been about 15 years now, since I’ve last visited “the capital” but there were times in the 30 years before, when I was there almost every month. As much as I love my “gingerbread” hometown of Nuremberg, in my heart “Ich bin ein Berliner”. So this blog today will be a little walk on “Memory Lane” and contain some memorable films and music related to Berlin …

Passing this iconic tower meant that you had only about one more hour to drive before reaching Berlin. My most memorable adventure on the “Transitstrecke” was, when the old car we were driving, broke with burning motor, while we were stuck in a traffic jam, still on the eastern side. A truck driver rushed to our aid with an extinguisher, but then we were stranded. This was in the 80s, so no cell-phones and wandering around on eastern territory was out of the question, if you wanted to stay alive and not be mistaken for a fugitive. But it seemed that all in all it was our lucky day, because after a while a diplomat’s car stopped and towed us across the border at Drewitz *phew*. This was the smoothest crossing ever 😉

For those not so familiar with Berlin’s situation back then, some historical information. West Berlin really was an island in the German Democratic Republic (= the soviet zone). You could fly there, drive there by car straight on the “Transitstrecke” or go by train. You got stamps in your passport when entering (and leaving) the GDR and you could only stop at assignated points, because you weren’t to contact locals while transiting. The trains would stop for hours in the middle of the night, at a non-public station near the border and then they were thoroughly searched inside and outside (with dogs) to prevent East Germans from fleeing.

David Bowie’s very emotional trip on “Memory Lane” through Berlin with lots of old footage.

I’ve travelled really a lot of times between Nuremberg and Berlin – and my passport was full to the brim with those ridiculous stamps:


So, my father is from Berlin and also my mother’s father. As a kid I went there regularly to visit my grandparents in West Berlin and delighted in driving around in the yellow double-deck busses. When I got older, I read the biography of “Christiane F.” a young heroin addict who had to prostitute herself. That made me see “Bahnhof Zoo” in a slightly different light …

These are my Berlin grandparents and my great-grandmother (the kid is one of my uncles) in the mid 50s, roughly 5 years before the wall was built. Now everyone would guess, that they gathered proudly around their “Volkswagen” to have that pic taken. LOL … very wrong! This is the so called Berlin humour: they actually never had a car, but I’ve inherited my granddad’s grin 😉

My mother’s sister (my godaunt) moved to Berlin in the beginning of the 80s and when we visited her in Berlin-Kreuzberg for a week in 1984 I really fell consciously in love with the city. When I got 16, I was allowed to visit my aunt together with my best friend(s) and we spent some interesting rather “nocturnal” weeks – as Berlin had no “closing time” like the rest of Germany. I particularly liked the “Bhagwan” disco “FarOut” on Kurfürstendamm next to “Schaubühne” – unlike other discos I knew, this one was not dark, sticky and labyrinth-ish, but just one really big room with a high ceiling, warm lighting and bars in every corner and they played great music too 😉

This is still my (inofficial) hymn to Berlin – from early 80s new german wave band “Ideal”. When this – their first – record came out, my father listened to it literally non-stop during a full 14-day-family-holiday in Bavaria – you’d think, we’d freaked, but I still love every song 😉

Other unforgettable experiences included driving through Berlin in the early morning hours, with someone we just met and who turned out to be a) obviously pretty wasted because he was b) ignoring EVERY red light he came by while going at c) about 70 km/h … yeah well … when you’re 17 it’s really all a bit YOLO 😉

Also when you’re 17 and in Berlin, sleep is clearly overrated … so once we went on a daytrip (trip as in TRIP … as this was still more surreal as just driving on the “Transitstrecke” and not only because we had a hangover!) to East Berlin. We crossed the border at Friedrichstraße and had to walk over a mirrored floor there – so if we had skirts on they could have checked, if we were smuggling whatever under them … please?!. Then we each had to change 50 german Mark (about 25 Euro now) in (ahem, worthless) GDR cash. We’d set up a date with east German relatives of my friend, who met us outside. They had a full sightseeing schedule prepared: visiting the Brandenburg Gate to finally see the Quadriga’s horses heads and not only their butts like from the western side, walked “Unter den Linden” past the Berlin Dome to “Palast der Republik” and then they invited us for lunch at the restaurant on top of the East Berlin TV tower. When we entered we were seated (although almost no seats were taken) and were told that we had one hour to order and eat. This would be the time that the restaurant (who was slowly spinning) would take to make a full turn, so you could watch over the roofs of Berlin in every direction. Yeah well, almost every … because when you were able to look in the direction of the western part of the city, the hour was almost up and exactly THEN your meal arrived. I realised that our “seating” hadn’t been random, but calculated – you really had to watch your plate, eat up and then leave during that last quarter hour – no looks at the “fiends in the West” allowed. In review, this was the most ridiculous experience I’ve had in my whole life so far.

When they walked us back, they motioned us to follow them behind the pillars of “Neue Wache” and gave us german Mark in exchange for the east cash we’d been forced to change earlier (wherever they’ve got the west cash, as this was obviously forbidden!). They were a bit panic-ish and constantly looking over their shoulders (but telling us not to). You really felt like in some sort of bad spy-movie…

“The lives of others” won an Oscar and is really worth seeing – it shows exactly why my friend’s relatives felt uneasy in their own country – just everyone could be an informant and working for the “Stasi” (state security, well more to secure that everyone was staying WITHIN this state).

This is an excerpt from Billy Wilder’s hilarious movie “One Two Three” shot in Berlin in 1961 just before the wall was built. The film was a total flop when it came out, because after the wall was built, obviously no one found it funny anymore. But it really is and you can see (as well as in Wilder’s “A foreign Affair’ with Marlene Dietrich) a lot of Berlin and how much was still destroyed and in ruins.

After the fall of the wall in 1989 I was mainly in Berlin for business reasons (setting up software-systems and training staff at arthouse-cinemas and indie-distributors) or to attend the Berlinale filmfestival. Northern parts of Germany are really not famous for their food, but Berlin was an exception: apart from “Currywurst” and the first “Döner Kebap” who was invented in 1972 not in Turkey, but in Berlin (in a small snackbar between “Zoo station” and famous cinema “Zoopalast”), you could get pretty amazing Falafel, all sorts of really good asian food and my favorite restaurant always was “Cafe Einstein” in Kurfürstenstraße – I’m sure that they still serve the best “Wiener Schnitzel” outside of Vienna.

So finally a last movie-tip:

“Lola rennt” (Run Lola Run) one of the first movies – and also a pretty amazing one – from a re-united “new” Berlin.

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Still Moonstruck … Love Crime

This is the first song Siouxsie Sioux made in 8 years (together with Brian Reitzell).
It’s for the final episode “The Wrath of the Lamb” in the 3rd season of NBC’s “Hannibal”.

Something like the opening credits from a Bond movie in reverse, as it was on during the final scene.

It sounds totally crazy but I actually felt a sort of wild joy and relief during that final fight scene. Call me creepy. But it all made sense to me in the end. This was a furious ménage à trois, salvation, deliverance and somehow a “becoming” for all three of them.

For me a perfect ending to the t. And I don’t want a season 4 anymore now. This was a good as it gets.

I hope the song is out soon.

Love Crime

Oh, the skies, tumbling from your eyes
So sublime, the chase to end all time
Seasons call and fall, from grace and uniform
Anatomical and metaphysical

Oh, the dye
A blood red setting sun
Rushing through my veins
Burning up my skin

I will survive, live and thrive
Win this deadly game
Love crime
Love crime
I will survive, live and thrive
I will survive, I will survive
I will

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“Desire is Hunger is the Fire I breathe” … Patti Smith & The Great Red Dragon

After a lot of intense stargazing which resulted in an equal lot of blogposts over the weekend about on-screen and off-screen chemistry between Richard Armitage and several actors & directors (including Rutina Wesley!) and not least myself & “The Witches of Erebor“, I finally managed to watch Hannibal 3.10 very late last night in bed – the perfect setting in review ;-).

About two months ago in “Richard Armitage, Hannibal and the 7 Year Itch” I had “predicted” that the episode airing on august 6 might be the most intense of the series. Well, we don’t know what will happen in the next three ones, but this was undoubtedly the highlight among the first three!

This experience was topped by some intense “Kopfkino” today: when I drove to work this morning, hearing Patti Smith’s classic “Because the Night” on my random playlist, flooded my mind with vivid pictures of the episode. This really made me wonder if any of the actors had this song on his on-set-playlist – Rutina perhaps? 😉

Anyway, beautiful, magnificent song … and heartbreaking, breathtaking episode. So I’ve added the wonderful lyrics and music for everyone else to muse about it too … welcome to my “Kopfkino” 😉

Because The Night
(written by Bruce Springsteen & Patti Smith, 1977)

Take me now baby here as I am
Pull me close, try and understand
Desire is hunger is the fire I breathe
Love is a banquet on which we feed

Come on now try and understand
The way I feel when I’m in your hands
Take my hand come undercover
They can’t hurt you now,
Can’t hurt you now, can’t hurt you now
Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to lust
Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to us

Have I doubt when I’m alone
Love is a ring, the telephone
Love is an angel disguised as lust
Here in our bed until the morning comes
Come on now try and understand
The way I feel under your command
Take my hand as the sun descends
They can’t touch you now,
Can’t touch you now, can’t touch you now
Because the night belongs to lovers …

With love we sleep
With doubt the vicious circle
Turn and burns
Without you I cannot live
Forgive, the yearning burning
I believe it’s time, too real to feel
So touch me now, touch me now, touch me now
Because the night belongs to lovers …

Because tonight there are two lovers
If we believe in the night we trust
Because tonight there are two lovers …

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