I just finished watching the Hannibal season 3 finale. And it’s funny, but I don’t wish for a season 4 anymore, I’m ok. Honestly. Not because it was bad, but because they’ve finished it beautifully. I don’t need to know more. Sometimes the best stories should continue in your head – this is one of them.

It’s a bit like in Goldman’s “Princess Bride” where they are riding into the sunset, while he is about to die for sure. It doesn’t matter. Siouxsie’s song, Will & Hannibal’s final understanding, the Dragon ‘flown away’ on bloody wings, Bedelia waiting – that’s as good as it gets.

(my screengrabs)

The more pressing question for me is now, what Richard Armitage’s ‘becoming’ will be like. Of course they’ve wrapped Hannibal almost half a year ago, but the real impact of this piece of work will hit now, when viewers are condemning or celebrating the final result.

In december 2014, before I knew that he would take on that particular role, I wrote in a letter to him:


When the announcement of his participation as Dolarhyde in Hannibal was made, I was genuinely happy about it. This finally looked like a coming-to-terms with a darker side than he’d experienced before. But because a large part of the fandom showed quite some lack of understanding for his take on this gory and disturbing role, I felt compelled to write something of an astrological explanation. It was published by Servetus (thanks again) on her ‘me + richard armitage‘ blog on february 9 in 2015 and contained this part:


(The overdue review, containing his corrected birthtime is to be found here -> Why Richard Armitage IS Francis Dolarhyde … and you should love him anyway.)

So, as he obviously felt compelled to have his teeth fixed after “North & South” and also another prominent part of his physique about 2 years ago – I’ll quote a well-wisher on this “to look a bit more conventionally handsome” – I wonder if he feels compelled to continue “improving” his looks after playing a disfigured serial killer, whom an army of fans still kept swooning about? I hope not.

Despite promoting “Moonstruck” yesterday, I ended up by rewatching “The Artist”. Jean Dujardin won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, the actor’s prize at Cannes and whatnot for his role. He is certainly charming but in no way “conventionally handsome” – his teeth are crooked far worse than Armitage’s ever were and the nose is also on the larger side. And – as it’s a silent movie – the only two words he gets to say in “The Artist” at the very end, are uttered with the most off-putting french accent “Wiz pleasure.”


So, Richard, here’s some serious advice from this crazy stargazing-girl: you are currently experiencing very prominent/life-altering transit aspects. Pluto, “the transformer”, is squaring your natal Chiron (a lot about his role in your career/life is to be found here and here) while Uranus, “the enlightener”, is also moving closer to Chiron again (you felt his full impact during the whole run of the Crucible last year).

At the same time, transiting Saturn is moving through your fourth house (of family / private life) challenging your “big dreams” in this part and equally challenging your Sun in your first house (of beginnings / our personality / our “heart”) – all of this together is asking you to face your fears. Fears of being not handsome or successfull enough and the like. And also to overcome them and accept yourself as “perfect as you are now”. As Hannibal put it “The particular body you currently occupy is trivial.” – what you can achieve with your mind, is important.

I want to see you in more such intense roles, I want to see films or plays directed by you, I want to see Thorin’s secret diary published – whatever – surprise me, your fans and yourself by your becoming!


  1. Exactly. Surprise me. I want to see those things that aren’t predictable. i hope he does the roles that are scary for him because he grows by leaps and bounds when he does. It’s amazing to watch.

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    1. Like Hannibal tells Will in the end: “You know Will, you worry too much.” 😉
      As I wrote to him: he should just let go of that “inner handbreak” and just enjoy the ride. By now he should (at least financially) be capable to do so.
      My parents were a passionate couple, who had a lot of fights (I remember pulling out a shard of a heavy bohemian crystal glass, that stuck an inch deep in the wall some morning). So I’ve learned in my teens simply not to worry about “what the neighbours may think” or my hair would’ve probably turned grey before I was 16 😉
      But I think it doesn’t come easy for someone with his upbringing. I hope he’ll find a way though.


      1. Letting go of propriety is not the English way. When he takes the roles that let go of that, he is at his absolute best, just as when he reveals those little bits of himself, as he did with the CyberSmile essay, and to a lesser extent, that little glimpse of the “Brain on Fire” character journal, he is at his most interesting.

        I wonder that the fanbase doesn’t seem like a demanding beast, insatiably ravenous for new tidbits. At the same time, I acknowledge that I am part of that beast.


  2. “Improving” HIS looks? I always think of gilding the proverbial lily – what possible need? 🙂 I think he’s far more attractive at 44 than he was in N&S or at LAMDA, and nothing to do with having had any “work done” 🙂 At the same time, after Hannibal, more than ever I’m convinced he has great instincts, at least about his career, and I trust him in that respect. I guess we’ll never know if these decisions are based more on career or on personal satisfaction issues, but I agree that I can’t wait to see what he does next!! He’s definitely one of a kind.

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    1. In the interview he did with Martin Freeman for the Hobbit, he said when asked if he would shave his heard for a role or put on 20 pounds “I’m incredibly vain. So shave the head.” If this was the plain truth it’s just vanity – but then he’s a triple Leo after all … “Le roi c’est moi” 😉

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      1. I loved that silly interview!I suppose I wonder, does vanity necessarily mean not accepting your looks? Or maybe more like overidentifying with them? 🙂 As I’m getting older, I’m more concerned about mine too (& I certainly have NO legend to maintain! Or create either! 😀 )

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        1. With the Moon in his 2nd house, I think he really needs to feel “good” in his body and also sees it as his capital. Also the Moon is easily hurt by criticism, so I think for him it’s really out of the question to fatten up for a role like other “method actors” often did.

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  3. I thought , because he likes to play challenged characters .You know , when I read these things of him , it hurts my heart so much . I just want to give him a big hug , and tell him , he is perfect as he is 😦 Makes me soo uncomfortable .Seriously 😦 I look up to him as an actor , I am in a drama group locally , and i even mentioned about him to them . Of I had a role in a big production , I would play somebody , who is not Juliett. Not the person who I beautifull and in love . I would play somebody who is different , because is challenging , and I good for your aspects of your career . By the way . Can I submit to you my birth data , and you might just look at my birth chart 🙂 it’s 22/04/1986 , Tapolca , Hungary , and 7:20 am Thanks 🙂


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